Bill to have Maine citizens directly elect Constitutional Officers to have Public Hearings

STATE HOUSE– With the actions and accountability of Maine’s Attorney General in the news, two bills to have voters directly elect Maine’s Constitutional Officers will have Public Hearings this week. They are being sponsored by Rep. John Andrews (R-Paris). A third bill, sponsored by Rep. David Boyer (R-Poland) seeks to ensure the will of the voters is maintained in the event of an interim appointment to the U.S. Senate. 

“The recent controversy surrounding the Attorney General highlights the need for having Constitutional Officers be directly accountable to Maine voters, not political insiders,” said Rep. John Andrews. “Republicans are seeking to give power directly to the Maine people by having Constitutional Officers, like other major offices, popularly elected.”

“In the event that there is an interim appointment to the U.S. Senate, the party status of the appointment should match that originally chosen by Maine voters,” said Rep. David Boyer.

What:  Public Hearings on Good Government bills

  • LD 1307 – “RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Require Constitutional Officers to Be Elected by Statewide Election”

This bill proposes a constitutional amendment that would provide direct popular election beginning in 2024 of the Secretary of State, the Treasurer of State and the Attorney General biennially.

  • LD 696 – “An Act to Allow the People to Elect the State Auditor”

Provides for the popular election of the State Auditor every 4 years beginning in 2024.

  • LD 1117 – “An Act to Ensure That the Will of the Voters Is Reflected in Interim Appointments of United States Senators”

Ensures an interim appointment is of the same registration status as the one selected by voters.

Where: Committee on State and Local Government, Cross Building, Room 214

When: Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 1:00 PM


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