This Legislature prioritizes everyone but you

Rather than make your life easier, Democrats are focused on people and companies that do not live here

This is Representative Caleb Ness of Fryeburg with the Weekly Republican Address. Coming to you from the State House in Augusta.

House Republicans have repeatedly offered proposals to address rising energy costs and that lower taxes to let people keep more of what they earn.

Republicans understand that Maine families are paying 15% more to live in Maine than in January of 2021.

This translates to paying $785 more per month, or $17,828 more per family according to the United States Congress Joint Economic Committee, that translates to paying $785 more per month, or $17,828 more per family.

The hardship caused by failed economic policies is felt most by retirees, low wage earners, and people living on a fixed income.

This has led to increased homelessness, addiction, depression, suicide, and a lower quality of life for Mainers.

Maine deserves better than this.

Maine citizens deserve a legislature that understands the struggles of average Mainers.

They deserve a legislature that serves the interests of everyone living, working, and paying taxes here.

Sadly, that is not the case.

Since January of 2021, government has grown larger, while family budgets have gotten smaller. 

While the majority of Maine families have struggled with less, state government has taken in billions of dollars in over-collected tax revenues and billions of federal pandemic dollars.

Republican priorities include lowering energy costs and letting people keep more of their hard-earned money are Republican priorities.

Instead of joining us in helping Mainers, Democrats have pursued an agenda that includes:

Opposing Republican proposals to lower taxes, especially low to middle income earners.


Opposing Republican proposals aimed at lowering electric costs.

Mainers’ electric bills are 24 percent higher than the national average electric bill.

This is due, in part, to artificially high energy prices that benefit out-of-state owned solar and wind farms at the expense of Maine consumers.

Economically challenged Mainers who cannot afford to purchase solar panels directly subsidize people that can afford them.

They are also a blight on the landscape, cover farmland, and can release toxic poisons into the soil when damaged.   

A proposal to limit the availability of natural gas in Maine is still pending, even though natural gas is required to operate solar and wind farm projects when it is cloudy or when the wind doesn’t blow.

Democrats are threatening the livelihoods of fisherman and destroying our marine environment with deep wind turbine projects that are being abandoned by other states and countries because they are unsustainable and harm the environment.

Most recently the Mills administration wants to undo dune protection laws in order to convert Searsport Island from a pristine wildlife refuge into an industrial offshore wind port.

Even worse, they are pursuing an agenda focused on people who do not live here.

They are prioritizing asylum seeking immigrants over Maine’s veterans, elderly and homeless populations to the tune of over $34 million dollars, not including welfare benefits.

That includes 63 percent of the Emergency Housing Relief Fund. $13.9 million went to one hotel that only houses 80 families at one time.

Democrats are now proposing to shield doctors from legal liability when children are brought to Maine against court orders or the will of their parents in order to have their reproductive organs removed.

The suicide risk of children receiving such drastic surgery is four times greater than those who struggle with gender dysphoria.

Just this week, Democrats passed yet another California style law that will generate more “smash and grab” crimes by increasing the threshold needed to charge people with felony theft if the stolen property value is under $500.

When California passed a similar measure, Los Angeles experienced a 60% increase in retail theft.

If this radio address seems “over the top,” it is.

It is an accurate depiction of the difference between Republican priorities and the priorities of Democrats this session.

House Republicans have dedicated previous radio addresses to all of these topics and included citations and data supporting our claims.

Republicans stand with you.

We will continue our efforts to restore Maine’s quality of life by lowering energy costs, protecting the environment, prioritizing our children’s academic achievement, and lowering taxes so you can keep more of what you earn.

This has been Representative Caleb Ness with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

I’d like to thank you for listening, subscribing, sharing and following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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