Republicans ask: How do legislative Democrats plan to hold the Attorney General accountable?

STATE HOUSE – Legislative Republicans today responded to the revelation that Attorney General Aaron Frey knowingly violated policies governing workplace harassment for the past eight months.

“We are under no illusions that calling for Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey to resign or face appropriate disciplinary action will result in any consequences. Therefore we ask those responsible for his election, legislative Democrats: How do you intend to hold him accountable?”

Senate and House Republicans have several bills pending to allow Maine voters to elect Maine’s Constitutional Officers, making them directly accountable to the people.

Relevant AG’s Office Harassment Policy:

“As a matter of State policy, any behavior of a sexual nature in the workplace is considered unprofessional regardless of whether it constitutes illegal sexual harassment.”

“As part of their supervisory responsibilities, supervisors are required to actively prevent or stop inappropriate, unprofessional conduct in the workplace regardless of whether the conduct rises to the level of illegal harassment. If they become aware of any such conduct occurring, they must take immediate and appropriate corrective action, including discipline, to end the conduct. Corrective action is required regardless of whether a complaint is made or the conduct appears to be unwelcome.”

Maine State Government Policy Against harassment states that “Managers and supervisors who fail to fulfill their obligations under this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.”


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