Plans to Change Maine’s Abortion Laws are Too Extreme

House Republicans have issued a statement on plans to expand Maine’s abortion laws

STATE HOUSE – House Republicans oppose Governor Mills’ extreme expansion of Maine’s abortion laws. After making taxpayers fund elective abortions, Democrats are now proposing abortions at any point in a woman’s pregnancy, removing the existing “viability” standard.

This runs counter to wide support for current Maine law that restricts abortions after fetal viability. Despite statements suggesting Republicans would seek to change Maine’s abortion law, it is now Governor Mills who is looking to make Maine’s the most extreme in the country.

During the October 4, 2022 Gubernatorial Debate, Governor Mills was asked: “Would you support removing the current viability restriction in Maine’s law?” Governor Mills responded: “No, I support the current Maine law.”

We encourage widespread participation in the public hearing process so the voices of all Maine people are heard before extreme changes are made to current law. # # #

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