Unelected bureaucrats are restricting Mainers’ freedoms

This is Rep. Michael Lemelin of Chelsea with the weekly Republican address. 

Not too long ago, restrictions were placed on our right to gather, to worship, to attend school, and to pursue gainful employment.

All these restrictions were imposed “for your own good” by agenda driven bureaucrats empowered by Democrats.

In full public view, our rights and freedoms are being stripped away.

Do you think I am exaggerating?

Consider the restrictions on gatherings during Covid and the thousands of healthcare professionals who were fired in the midst of a severe shortage of healthcare workers.

When the schools were closed our children fell even further behind emotionally and academically.

Has restricting energy choices lowered consumer prices or improved our quality of life?

So called progressives argued that temporarily suspending our constitutional liberties was necessary, “for the public good.”

Every new bureaucratic regulation that comes out of Augusta further restricts our freedom.  

Many are not noticeable because they seemingly only impact a small number of people.

However, every so-called emergency provides an opportunity for government to grow larger while citizens and family budgets get smaller.

Sadly, this trend toward authoritarianism is on public display right now in Augusta!

Unelected bureaucrats are working to take away our right to choose a political candidate and even the type of car we drive.

This past week Maine’s Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, unilaterally decided to remove the leading candidate for president from the Maine ballot.

She did so knowing that her decision is unconstitutional and will be struck down.

The 14th Amendment to the Constitution states that no State shall “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

Should one person engage in massive voter suppression by limiting the people’s right to choose their preferred candidate for office?

What if I told you that Shenna Bellows has no legal background and served as a Presidential Elector for Joe Biden in 2020?

Her ability to conduct and oversee a statewide election fairly is now compromised.

Your right to choose the car you want to drive is about to be taken away.

This past month, unelected Board of Environmental Protection bureaucrats were on the verge of copying “California Rules” mandating electric vehicle sales in order to achieve the goal of eliminating gas powered vehicles.

Despite unsold electric vehicles sitting on dealership lots, bureaucrats seem to think mandating their sale is the answer.

Sales of electric vehicles in Maine are struggling due to their limited range, high entry costs, upstream environmental costs, and the REALITY of living in a rural state like Maine.

That reality was on full display when the bureaucrats scheduled vote was delayed until February 5th due to widespread power outages.

Ironically, the widespread power outages created by the storm prevented BEP members from driving to the meeting.

This radical MANDATE, opposed by over eighty percent of Mainers, is on track to fundamentally limit your right to choose the type of vehicle that fits you best.  

It will limit your choices and make traveling from one place to another even more expensive and time consuming.

Hopefully listeners will see what is happening to the State of Maine.

With ever increasing speed, our rights, freedoms, and constitutional liberties are being stripped away.

Liberty is fundamentally about the freedom to make decisions.

Restricting choices from energy to political candidates will not solve the problems we face or make things better.  

House Republicans remain steadfast in our opposition to this un-American approach.  

We also know that we cannot succeed without an informed, engaged citizenry that stands with us against governmental tyranny.

Governments never relinquish power or control.

Once our fundamental freedoms are taken away, we will never get them back.

This has been Michael Lemelin with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

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