California policies bring California outcomes in the form of higher taxes, budget deficits, crime, poverty, homelessness, and despair

This is Rep. Tiffany Strout of Harrington with the weekly Republican address. 

House Republicans are sounding the alarm that the Democrats who control state government are implementing California policies in Maine. 

California polices will lead to California outcomes in the form of higher taxes, higher prices, budget deficits, crime, poverty, homelessness and outright despair. 

Mainers are shocked by the pending move toward elimination of gas-powered vehicles by mandating sales of electric vehicles.

They are also outraged that Republican attempts to lower our electric bills by reducing millions of dollars in taxpayer wind and solar handouts have been stopped.

Democrats are promoting many other California ideas that will forever transform Maine from a beautiful, friendly state into a haven for homelessness, budget deficits, poverty, drug overdoses, and a growing gap between the haves and have-nots. 

Just this week the Legislature heard a bill to create a California “Jungle primary” law where Mainers may only have the option to choose between two top vote getters, creating a situation where voters can only chose between two Democrat candidates at the exclusion of Republicans and Independents.

This idea follows the recent decision by the Maine Secretary of State to exclude our former President from the ballot.

Governor Mills announced the creation of a state office of immigration to further her goal of attracting 75,000 new migrants to our state.

This follows news that our state budget, opposed by Republicans, allocated $3.5 million to provide free rent to 60 immigrant families living in luxury apartments in Brunswick.  

The Brunswick monies are part of a $55 million Emergency Housing Relief Fund, which issues immigrants permanent, transitional and emergency housing.

What message does that send to longtime Mainers who have difficulty paying rent or affording modest homes?  

Homeless camps are rapidly expanding and spreading to communities throughout Maine.

How can Democrats celebrate and create more government dependency when so many Mainers are struggling to survive?

Maine House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross (D-Portland) recently introduced a bill to allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses. It was defeated by the Legislature’s Transportation Committee.

Remember that last year, public opposition forced the Speaker to withdraw her bill to excused trespassing by “unhoused” people occupying other people’s properties.

Why on earth would we want to make Maine California with headlines like these?

Making Maine more like California will not solve the problems we face or make things better.  

People are leaving California in droves.

Democrats have the votes to pass anything they want despite strong, vocal opposition from legislative Republicans.

We need an informed, engaged citizenry that stands with us to prevent our state from becoming California.

This has been Rep. Tiffany Strout with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

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