Lead Democrat continues misleading the public

It is time to hold Democrats accountable for outright falsehoods on Republican tax plan to provide income taxpayers relief

STATE HOUSE – House Republicans are calling out Senate President Troy Jackson (D-Aroostook) for his repeated falsehoods on the sham budget they are about to pass and the Republican proposal to give low and middle income earners income tax relief.

The most recent falsehood occurred on WVOM’s George Hale and Ric Tyler Show this morning. President Jackson dismissed the benefit to low income taxpayers, stating that it gives: “people making a million dollars a year $10,000 dollars.” That is completely and utterly false. Everyone pays the same tax rate on the first $24,500 in income. The Republican proposal lowers the rate on the first $24,500 in income from 5.8% to 4.5%.

“The Republican income tax proposal would help all taxpayers, providing on average, $300 in ongoing tax relief,” said House Republican Leader Billy Bob Faulkingham. It is pathetic that in a $10.3 billion budget, with Maine government over-collecting $1.5 billion from taxpayers in the last year, that Democrats cannot give $200 million (2% of their budget) to the families hit hardest by inflation. It is tone deaf and irresponsible that state government is getting bigger while family budgets are getting smaller; people are being pushed to the margins; and many are winding up homeless. Democrats are so focused on the top 1%, that they would rather the poor get poorer while government gets richer.”

If they had the votes, House Republicans would return the lion’s share of Maine’s increased tax revenues to taxpayers without cutting existing services. In light of their minority status, Republicans proposed returning a modest $200 million of a $10.3 billion budget. Democrats said no. They will shut down the legislature this week, 3 months early, then be called back by the Governor, so they can spend as much money as possible.     

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