Late term abortion bill being rammed through Work Session in the dead of night

*******UPDATE – Bill has been tabled following Republican objections in committee and on the House floor*******

Judiciary Republicans are being denied the ability to ask doctors questions about proposed amendments  

STATE HOUSE – Republicans on the Judiciary Committee have issued a sharply worded statement after being denied the ability to ask questions on new amendments to LD 1619, the late term abortion bill that expands Maine law to allow abortion through 9 months for any reason.

“After the largest Public Hearing in Maine history, receiving 23 hours of testimony, new amendments are being rushed through in the dead of night without committee Republicans being able to ask medical and legal experts how they affect Maine abortion law. The Senate and House Committee Chairs are denying a thorough review of one of the most consequential pieces of legislation ever before us. This is outrageous, intentional, and disrespectful to the legislative process and the Maine people who sent us here. Republicans have also been denied the ability to question pro-choice doctors. At one point, the House Chair told them that they didn’t need to question people present in the room, stating ‘we can get those [answers] for you.’”

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