House Republicans Welcome Representative-Elect Simmons

Republicans win first contested special election since 2015! Republicans rebuild and change course towards a winning path!

AUGUSTA – Maine House Republicans are pleased to welcome Representative-Elect Abden Simmons to the House Republican Caucus. Simmons has won the special election in House District 45, the towns of Waldoboro, Bremen, Friendship, and Washington.

“Abden’s victory tonight is an indication that changes are happening in the State of Maine,” said House Republican Leader Billy Bob Faulkingham. “House Republicans have taken a new direction that focuses on common sense policies that put citizens, workers, and families first.

We congratulate Abden and thank the many people in District 45, and throughout Maine, that supported him. Abdens’ victory was assisted by the knowledge that the Democrat party’s extreme priorities this session are not theirs.

Abden will again be a great asset to his district, Maine and the House Republican Caucus.” 


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