House passes National Popular Vote Compact to circumvent the U.S. Constitution  

Statement from House Republicans

By passing the National Popular Vote Compact, Democrats have again signaled that they do not care about everyday Mainers, their rights, their opinions, or their protections under the U.S. Constitution. They have surrendered Maine’s ability to help choose a President to large urban states like California and New York.

The votes of large states with major cities like California and New York will now dominate our Presidential elections at the expense of smaller, rural states. If Mainers vote for a different candidate than the candidate winning the national popular vote, state electors will be bound to vote for the popular vote winner.

Democrats seem unconcerned that Maine will no longer receive attention from Presidential candidates despite only having 4 electoral votes. Instead the proposal invites chaos in the event of a national recount and more litigation. It is little consolation that their actions will once again be ultimately ruled unconstitutional.  

Dismantling the genius architecture of the Constitution one piece at a time appears to be their end goal here. This and other attempts to circumvent the Constitution by surrendering the voices of all Mainers cannot and should not be supported. We just hope Mainers are paying attention and reverse this disturbing trend of legislation in November.


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