Democrats are taking money away from retirees, farmers, Medicare savings, rural police protection, and our roads and bridges

This is Representative Jack Ducharme of Madison, Ranking member of Appropriations, with the Weekly Republican Address. 

Just last spring, Democrats embraced a number of Republican proposals that lower taxes for Maine retirees and provide a sustainable funding source for Maine’s deteriorating transportation system.

Sadly those achievements were stripped away at 3 AM, Saturday morning, under the cover of darkness.

Under the Democrats’ proposal, retirees will pay higher taxes on their retirement income.

Additionally, over $60 million dollars has been taken out of Maine transportation budget so that Democrats can spend it on other ‘pork barrel’ priorities.

What little bipartisan cooperation there was is being erased by the west coast progressive agenda that has taken control of the Legislature.

The priorities of Maine seniors, workers, taxpayers, farmer, drivers and our most vulnerable citizens, have been replaced by new priorities; set not by the people of Maine, but by progressive activists.  

These priorities include an extreme climate agenda, social justice, and free housing for asylum-seeking migrants that are sustained by Maine taxpayers. 

Democrats are also proposing to:

  • Take $15 million from farmers on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • Cut the popular Medicare Savings program.
  • Failing to fund our nursing and veterans’ homes.

They are also refusing to fund State Trooper positions needed to patrol rural areas.

These cuts undo bipartisan agreements that included Republican policies that benefit Mainers.

It is about honoring our commitments to retirees and citizens that need well maintained roads and bridges to travel.  

The Governor has now called for Appropriations Democrats to reconvene and undo the damage.

But while fixing the Democrats’ budget is essential, reconvening is not.

Republicans already have a minority report that restores the cuts and improves the budget.

There is still time to honor the bipartisan commitments made just last year, and put the people of Maine above partisanship.

This has been Representative Jack Ducharme with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

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