We celebrate the birth of Jesus and wish people well over the holidays and into the New Year

Maine Republicans remain hopeful going into 2024

This is House Republican Leader Billy Bob Faulkingham of Winter Harbor with the weekly Republican address. 

As Maine observes the holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, House Republicans join everyone in focusing on faith and family.

This Christmas, we give special thanks for people that recognize human needs and give their time, treasure and love to help those families who are less fortunate now and throughout the year.

The Christmas spirit is present in their daily lives and spreads to others as they lead by example.

It has been on display this week as neighbors have helped neighbors during and in the aftermath of the storm.

Ultimately, that spirit will cover the earth.  

Christmas is also a call to action, a call to do better, to love and to care for our neighbors.

We pray for the strife torn regions of the world and for the innocents that suffer needlessly at the hands of evildoers.

Amidst our hope for a better, more prosperous New Year, House Republicans caution that no government, parliament or king has been able to spread peace, goodwill and love like Jesus.

Luke 2:14 calls on us to give:

14 “Glory to God in the highest heaven,

and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

Trusting God is the one true answer to the problems we face.

This has been Billy Bob Faulkingham with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

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