“Time seems ripe for bipartisan action on income tax cuts in Maine”  

That was the headline in the Portland Press Herald back on January 29.

Maine House Republicans are renewing our year-long plea for lowering the income tax burden on Maine people, especially those struggling to pay bills in this economy.

This is Representative Mark Blier of Buxton with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

State government has grown even larger following the pandemic, while Maine’s most vulnerable citizens have struggled to keep pace with rising bills.  

The state over collected $1.5 billion dollars in the last biennial alone and returned some of it through $850 and $450 checks.

The state budget, this biennial, has increased by $1.9 billion dollars, growing government spending to at least $10.5 billion, while most Mainers live paycheck to paycheck.

The disparity between family budgets and the state budget continues to grow.

How would you like a 20% increase in your paycheck, like the state has!

In a few short weeks Maine’s Revenue Forecasting Committee will report even more money coming in from taxpayers, and the budget could go as high as $11 billion.

When do we say enough is enough?

For many, keeping more of their money means the difference between surviving or going under.

When will government leaders recognize that people are struggling and finally hear their pleas?

Now is the time for real tax reform so that people can keep more of their hard-earned money to pay bills, save, invest, or plan for the future.

The Republican plan to lower income taxes for Maine citizens, particularly low to middle income taxpayers, asked for a modest 2% of the Democrat spending plan.

We requested only $200 million in tax relief from a total that could reach $11 billion  dollars. It was rejected by Democrats.

That plan asked for a modest 2% of their spending plan.

Only $200 million in tax relief from a total that could reach $11 billion.

With even more revenue coming in since then, we are again calling for a long-term solution to the problem of over taxing Maine people. 

There is still time to lower taxes, especially on those who work hard but cannot keep pace with rising costs.

State government has more than enough money to cover essential services AND provide income tax relief now.

This has been Representative Mark Blier with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

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