“Time seems ripe for bipartisan action on income tax cuts in Maine”  

That was the headline this week in the Portland Press Herald.

Maine House Republicans couldn’t agree more. Now is the time to lower taxes on Maine people.

This is Representative Jack Ducharme of Madison with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

The state of Maine is bursting at the seams with cash due to billions of dollars from federal covid relief and over one billion dollars in excess taxes collected from Maine residents.    

Nonpartisan revenue forecasters have estimated tax revenues increased substantially over the last two years, and will continue to increase over the next four years. 

House Republicans have fought for returning money to all Maine people that paid taxes and created the over-collection of their money.

Sending rebate checks to Mainers struggling with historically high bills is helpful and preferable to creating new government programs requiring even more taxes.

It is not, however, a long-term solution to the problem of over taxing people to grow government at the expense of our citizens, workers, and Maine families struggling to make ends meet. 

Now is the time for real tax relief while state government has record surpluses and cash reserves.

The budget stabilization fund, also known as the ‘Rainy Day Fund’ is close to its statutory limit, which is 18% of general fund revenue.

Dozens of bills have been introduced to change the income tax code. Unfortunately, many of those proposals seem to call for more taxation – at least those coming from Democrats.  

Republicans have several bills designed to address the problem of over-collection of taxes and allow Mainers with modest incomes to keep more of what they earn. They do so without cutting essential programs or engaging in class warfare.  

At least one Democrat is proposing to lower taxes for low and middle income earners, something House Republicans have fought for.

That is encouraging.

House Republicans stand willing to work in a bipartisan manner to lower taxes for all Mainers now, while the state has resources to do it.

Lower taxes will generate more economic activity, more jobs, and ultimately more stable tax revenues.

Competitive tax rates with other states will help attract more workers and young people that want to live here and raise families.

That, in turn, will address our aging population and improve the quality of life for seniors and retirees.

The time is now for bipartisan action to lower taxes.

This has been Representative Ducharme with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

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