The 131st Legislature has concluded its business

Appeared in the Fryeburg Town Matters

 Rep. Caleb Ness (R-Fryeburg)

The 131st Legislature held a “Veto Day” and concluded its business on May 10. The general effective date for nonemergency laws passed in the Second Regular Session is Friday, August 9, 2024. The session end included much drama within the Democratic caucus and with Governor Mills. Republicans were there to act on the bills vetoed by Governor Mills.

Veto Day is traditionally limited to consideration of bills that have been vetoed by the Governor. Her decision to prevent bills from becoming law can be reversed with a two-thirds vote of the legislature. 

This year, legislative Democrats attempted to take up dozens of additional items despite warning from Governor Mills. The Governor’s concerns fell largely into two categories, violation of the constitutional process and the long-term fiscal impact of additional spending on the state budget.

After a standoff that lasted several hours into the evening, the legislature adjourned after passing 35 additional bills that will not become law because of the flawed process that was used to pass them. Many have great merit and would have been positive had they been acted on months and weeks ago by majority Democrats. 

Instead time was wasted by Appropriations Committee Democrats trying to take pension money away from retirees and the transportation budget in order to spend more money on other priorities not shared by the Governor and legislature as a whole. I am relieved that their efforts failed, with the exception of $11 million taken from the transportation budget. With the missing federal match, that is roughly $33 million less that Maine DOT will have to spend on our roads and bridges.  

Summer is now upon us. I am available if you have any questions about what the legislature did or didn’t do this past session. I am also working on a district-wide report that will be sent out later this summer.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance with state matters. I can be reached at or call 207 287-1440. Thank you for your interest reading this, your input and support.

Sincerely, Rep. Caleb Ness (R-Fryeburg)

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