Sadly, Maine citizens are not the priority of this legislature  

Back in March, Democrats rammed through a partisan budget that covers all current services for the next two years. Now there is plenty of money for everyone, except you

This is Representative Tim Guerrette of Caribou with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

House Republicans have been fighting for Maine taxpayers to keep more of what they earn in order to keep pace with the rising costs that are making Maine unaffordable. 

With Mainers burdened by rising electric, fuel, food, utility, and other costs of living, majority Democrats should be focused on the people back home.  

Instead, Democrat priorities include:

  • A law to compel Maine’s hunters to give coyotes a “respectful burial.” 
  • An act to decriminalize public drinking.
  • Partially decriminalizing prostitution.
  • Referring to inmates and prisoners as “residents” or “clients.” Previously, the term “mother” was replaced by “birth parent.” People are no longer “homeless,” they are “unhoused.”
  • A bill to allow homeless people to avoid criminal charges for criminal trespassing on private property if they are trying to find a place to sleep. Thankfully, that bill was been withdrawn.
  • A mandatory paid leave bill that imposes a $400 million tax on businesses and their workers, who must pay, but may never use it.
  • Abandoning the state flag in favor of an undefined, gender neutral, to be determined, alternative.
  • People traveling to Maine for controversial elective surgeries paid for by Maine taxpayers.
  • Free college for noncitizens that come to Maine.
  • Free healthcare for noncitizens that come to Maine.

Republicans are focused on the everyday struggles of ALL Mainers, not on adding more tax burden on working people and retirees.

With a large opioid epidemic, growing homeless population, and declining workforce participation, why is Maine encouraging more people to come here without any visible means of support?

Why don’t our leaders call for a halt on sending more noncitizens to Maine until we can take care of the homeless people already living here?  

Since current services are already funded for the next two-years, why can’t all taxpayers, especially low-to middle families, be able to keep some of the extra billion dollars of their own money?

Once again, Republicans presented Democrats with a tax relief proposal that benefits nearly 650,000 taxpayers. It provides an average benefit of $338 a year, every year going forward.

This latest tax relief proposal was adjusted to address Democrat concerns. It was again rejected.

There is still time for Democrats to come to the table and agree to tax reform for taxpayers, especially low-to middle income earners that have lost $7,500, on average, in the past year alone from price increases. 

State government should focus on the people that fund our government by helping those who are struggling to stay here, not attracting additional welfare dependency and the higher taxes that will follow.

House Republicans continue to focus on shared problems facing Mainers:  declining financial resources, restrictions on liberty, and limited opportunities for a better life.

This has been Representative Tim Guerrette with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

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