Republicans propose $400 million in tax relief for Maine taxpayers, focused toward low-to middle income earners  

Democrats rammed through a budget that covers all current services for the next two years. There is plenty of money left over to be returned to the people back home

This is Representative Barbara Bagshaw of Windham with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

The Revenue Forecasting Committee met today and updated, preliminary revenue projections will increase again.

Legislative Democrats have already passed a $9.8 billion dollar budget that covers all current services for the next two-years.

That means that up to $1 billion dollars is available for tax relief and other proposals still pending in the Legislature.

Over-collecting $1.5 billion dollars from taxpayers in the last biennial and then sending people checks is symptomatic of a bigger persistent problem.

Maine is over taxing and over collecting money from its citizens.

State government has grown by over $2 billion dollars while the average family budget lost $7,500 last year just to keep pace with rising costs for heating fuel, gasoline, electricity, food, utilities and other items needed to live in Maine.

That is tone deaf and wrong.

Legislative Republicans propose returning $400 million dollars to taxpayers, focused towards low-to-middle income citizens struggling to pay bills.

We urge our Democrat colleagues to work with us on meaningful tax relief that helps all taxpayers, especially those treading water in this economy.

We stand ready to work on $400 million in bipartisan tax relief.

This has been Representative Barbara Bagshaw with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

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