Rep. Sheila Lyman: Where are you, Governor Mills?

Published in the Lewiston Sun Journal

As many people have heard by now, the unelected Board of Environmental Protection is set to incrementally take away our ability to choose what vehicle we are able to purchase.

Back in August, House Republicans brought this issue to light. We have been adamant about our strong opposition to this infringement on people’s freedom and this detriment to the livelihood of Mainers.

When we brought this to light, Gov. Janet Mills came out against this rule. Her spokesperson stated that the governor “does not believe that Maine should let decisions by any other states determine Maine’s course of action. Instead, we should commit to a responsible, thoughtful approach to electric vehicles that will help Maine consumers and businesses save money, while reducing carbon emissions and protecting our economy and environment from the climate crisis.”

Later, though, her board moved to adopt that mandate, even though she indicated she was opposed to the motion. Since that statement in August, we have not heard from the governor on this matter. Mainers should ask, “Has the governor contacted the members of her board?”

At the end of the day, the Board of Environmental Protection is her department and her board. She appoints the membership.

We call on Gov. Mills to take action. The people of Maine are dependent on her to intervene and stop this mandate that would be detrimental to our lives.

It’s the bottom of the ninth to stop this egregious assault on people’s freedom. The governor is up.

Rep. Sheila Lyman, Livermore Falls


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