Rep. Rick Mason: Youth hunting days offer ‘a great opportunity’

Published in the Sun Journal October 13, 2023

As the seasons start to change, leaves start to turn, and weather starts getting colder, it is hard for me to not think about deer hunting season. I am an avid deer hunter and the House Republican lead on the Joint Standing Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

During this legislative session, our committee worked on some bills in regard to youth hunting days. One of them was a bill that I submitted to expand Youth Hunting Day into a weekend event for junior hunters. Even though my bill was not selected, I am pleased that we were able to come together as a committee to pass a law to expand Youth Hunting Day into two days at the end of October.

This season, youth hunting days will be on Oct. 20 and 21. This is a great opportunity for young people to get introduced to deer hunting under the supervision of an adult. During these two days, a youth hunter will be allowed to get a buck or a doe as long as the Wildlife Management District is open for hunting.

I encourage those who enjoy hunting as much as I do to take advantage of this opportunity and get the kids out into the Maine woods.

Rep. Rick Mason, Lisbon

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