Rep. Morris urges passage of his Electric Vehicle Mandate bill

TURNER — Representative Joshua Morris (R-Turner) today urged passage of his legislation to force the legislature to consider proposed mandates that would make Mainers buy electric cars.

Morris’ bill, LR 2885, is titled An Act To Enhance Legislative Oversight of Rules Regulating Electric Vehicles. It is among the bills that will be considered by the Legislative Council at its meeting tomorrow.

“The Legislature should be the ones making a decision on an issue as big as this, not bureaucrats. And, to be clear about my goal here, when this bill passes and the Legislature considers this terrible left-wing policy, we should kill it immediately. Mainers are struggling with high costs right now and this is another tone deaf policy pushed by far left environmental groups. I urge the Legislative Council to give the people their say, because my constituents can’t afford this debacle.”

On Tuesday, the Board of Environmental Protection advanced a rule requiring Maine to move to draconian electric vehicle requirements based on California policies. Morris’s bill, if passed, would require the Legislature to approve these rules before they become law.


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