Rep. Libby Offers Amendment to Heating Bill

STATE HOUSE – Rep. Laurel Libby (R-Auburn) today offered an amendment to LD 3 – “An Act to Establish the Winter Energy Relief Payment Program to Aid Residents with High Heating Costs and to Finalize the COVID Pandemic Relief Payment Program.” Rep. Libby’s amendment allocated $50 million in low income direct heat relief and provided a three month sales tax holiday. Consideration of the amendment failed on a largely party-line vote (79-64).

“Mainers are feeling the effects of record-setting inflation and utility costs that continue to rise. Unfortunately, as written LD 3 does not provide any long term solutions for the policies that are driving those costs to increase,” said Rep. Libby. “I proposed using money allocated to relief checks toward a three-month sales tax holiday instead. A sales tax holiday would give meaningful relief to all Mainers, not just some.” ###

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