Rep. Laurel Libby Introduces School Choice Legislation to Benefit Students

Announcement comes during National School Choice Week (Jan. 22-28)

STATE HOUSE – Rep. Laurel Libby (R-Auburn) has introduced school choice legislation to address long-standing deficiencies that were highlighted over the last several years. LR 835- “An Act to Advance Educational Opportunities for All Students,” will target educational funds where they will best serve the unique needs of individual students by creating Educational Opportunity Accounts (EOAs). Parents will be able to decide how to spend available funds; including private school tuition, tuition at career or technical schools and online learning programs, tutors, among other options.

Maine schools are currently ranked 28th in the nation, illustrating the need to address our educational deficiencies and encourage our students to thrive. Multiple states have embraced school choice as the solution over the last few years, with legislation passing in Arizona and New Hampshire. Most recently, on Tuesday, Iowa’s governor signed into a law a broad school choice proposal, coinciding with National School Choice Week. School choice legislation is pending in many other states, sweeping the nation as parents across the US wake up to the fact that they, not unelected bureaucrats, should be the ultimate arbiters of their childs’ education. 

“School choice puts education funds to work wherever they best serve the individual student, rather than mandating that taxpayer funds can only be used at government-run schools,” said Rep. Libby. “We should empower Maine parents to decide how best to use their tax dollars to address the individual educational needs of their children. The solution I am proposing has been successful in other states and we have those models that can be followed and improved upon here in Maine. It’s time we focus on meeting individual students’ and families’ needs, instead of prioritizing a system that is failing many of our students.”

LR 835, when released, will be referred to a legislative committee of jurisdiction that will schedule a public hearing. Interested parents are encouraged to contact Rep. Libby at: for more information.


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