Rep. Collamore: “Supplemental Budget Contains Important Provision to Help Struggling Dairy Farmers”

Provision in Supplemental Budget Approved by the Legislature today will result in more timely “Tier Program” payments to dairy farmers  

STATE HOUSE – State Representative Amanda N. Collamore (R-Pittsfield) expressed that she is pleased that the Supplemental Budget, passed by the Legislature today, contains a provision that is important to Maine dairy farmers. It contains one-time funding ($50,000) to the Maine Milk Commission to support contracting with an outside entity for a study on the cost of milk production for Maine dairy farmers.

“Like the rest of us, the men and women that put milk on our table are struggling with higher prices,” said Rep. Collamore. “Not only do farm families face higher living costs, they also are experiencing higher production costs that can drive them out of business. There has been a lack of “Tier Program” payments since January 2022, despite major cost increases to farmers. According to recent milk price forecasts, what we passed today will update data and improve the responsiveness of the Tier Program, ultimately resulting in significant payments at the close of FY2023.”

Rep. Collamore, the Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center (TIDC) Education and Outreach Manager at the University of Maine, is serving her second term representing District 68: Clinton, Pittsfield, Burnham and Troy.


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