Rep. Carmichael Calls for Electric Bill Transparency

LD 69, “An Act to Improve Electrical Supply Cost Transparency is a step toward lowering energy costs.

STATE HOUSE – Rep. Meldon “Micky” Carmichael (R-Greenbush) today introduced LD 69 , “An Act to Improve Electrical Supply Cost Transparency is a step toward lowering energy costs” at a Public Hearing before the Joint Standing Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology. The bill is a step toward lowering energy costs by making consumers aware of the different sources that are part of their energy bill and what they cost.

This bill would require that standard-offer service providers include the cost of energy in cents per kilowatt-hour for each energy source used in the generation service.

“It is about transparency,” said Rep. Carmichael. “The change I propose would simply require the inclusion of cost on the bill. Both for the standard offer rate, as well as for each energy source.  Doing so would put power source air emissions, resource supply mix, and cost in the same consumer disclosure.

Under Maine Law, Disclosure Labels are facts sheets made available and sent out periodically to every residential and small commercial customer. The Disclosure Labels contain generation resource and emission information that can be used to compare supply offers and are provided to educate customers about their electricity service. These labels are archived on the PUC’s website.

“When a customer reads about how their rates are going up again, and start engaging with energy suppliers, third party agents, or their elected officials, it’s important that people have this information. In order to have an informed conversation about how to combat skyrocketing energy costs and consider increasing alternative methods of generation, it’s common sense to highlight what that cost is.”


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