Offshore Wind Plan will destroy our way of life

Governor’s ‘Offshore Wind Roadmap’ is really a plan to pollute the marine environment, endanger whales, harm Maine’s fishing industry, and increase electric bills

AUGUSTA – House Republican Leader Billy Bob Faulkingham (R-Winter Harbor) and Republican members of the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee today responded to the Offshore Wind Plan announced by Governor Mills. The plan is allegedly a “stakeholder-driven comprehensive plan.” Rep. Faulkingham and Committee Republicans assert that it is a costly boondoggle that will fill the ocean with eco-garbage, burden ratepayers with expensive, unreliable energy, and harm marine life.

Statement from House Republican Leadership and Committee Republicans:

“The ‘Offshore Wind Roadmap’ announced by the Governor is really a blueprint for destroying Maine’s way of life by polluting the marine environment, endangering whales, harming the fishing industry, and increasing our electric bills. Proponents of this costly boondoggle know that runaway electric bills are making people increasingly aware of the faulty logic behind projects of this type that rely on oil and gas. Despite ZERO right whale deaths, global elites are trying to put Maine lobster fishing families out of business to save whales, so that they can install offshore winds turbines that harm whales and other marine life. Ultimately these ‘green’ projects will still rely on oil and gas. The only difference is that regular people will pay even higher electric bills, and more of their money will flow into the pockets of the few that are pushing this.”   

Republican Committee Members

Rep. Steven D. Foster (R-Dexter)

Rep. Mark Michael Babin (R-Fort Fairfield)

Rep. Larry C. Dunphy (R-Embden)

Rep. Reagan L. Paul (R-Winterport)


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