Memorial Day – May 29, 2023

On Memorial Day we gather together to recognize the sacrifices of veterans, military families, and families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

This is Representative Jim Thorne of Carmel with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

While many of us find our own unique mark we choose to leave on the world, we should all pause to recognize those who have and continue to make it possible.

There is no greater service than military service. 

Every other calling and profession is able to operate because members of our armed forces are there to provide security, stability and support the values and unity of our nation. They protect our values. They are our heroes.

Recently, all Americans, and the world, have made sacrifices for the good of others. We have all had to think about everyday sacrifices in a way most of us have not previously.

However,… these sacrifices pale when compared to what countless others have endured throughout the ages on behalf of human civilization.

This Memorial Day, House Republicans highlight one Maine man that served to protect our values and unity as a nation. Born in Berwick Maine, this veteran earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery at the age of twenty-seven in the American Civil War.

In May, 1894, President Grover Cleveland, in the name of Congress, presented the Medal of Honor to Sergeant Alphonso M. Lunt of the United States Army, for extraordinary heroism on September 19, 1864.

While serving with Company F, 38th Massachusetts Infantry, in action at Opequan Creek, Virginia, Sergeant Lunt “carried his flag to the most advanced position where, left almost alone close to the enemy’s lines he refused their demand to surrender, withdrew at great personal peril, and saved his flag.”

Think of that for a moment. 

One hundred and fifty years ago, in the midst of a civil war, Sergeant Lunt carried our flag, almost alone, next to enemy lines, refused to surrender, and then risked his own life to save our flag, the flag flying here today.

That was the actions of just one of our heroes, in a war where many thousands were lost. A war to end slavery and keep us together as a nation.

Here we stand nearly 160 years later with civil divisions pronounced again. Obviously, we are not trying to kill each other over our differences, but there is a lack of civility, respect and manners that remain today.

Everywhere, people with personal and political agendas are trying to separate and divide us. In this, the age of electronics, it is easy to be disrespectful to others ways that were not previously possible.

It does not have to be this way. We can do our part by promoting love and unity. By being the example for others to follow.

Remember the actions and sacrifices of those who came before us.

We need to be worthy of what was won and preserved at great cost.

The actions of the Patriots who fought for our freedoms, and what they represent, are why we gather on the last Monday of every May.  We celebrate Memorial Day so that we will not forget the sacrifices of those who have served our country, many of whom payed the ultimate price of the freedom that we all enjoy today.

It is our responsibility to pause, reflect on that, and spend every day trying to be worthy of the great gifts that have been bestowed upon us by God through the sacrifices of the men and women that came before us.

May God bless the men and women of our military, both past and present, and the countless families who sacrificed along with them. 

This has been Rep. Jim Thorne with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.  Thank you for supporting our efforts, listening, subscribing, sharing, and following us on Facebook and Instagram.


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