Mainers are paying too much already

On Wednesday the Legislature will take up a veto of a bill legislative democrats passed to drive up food prices and harm local farmers.

This is Representative Randy Hall of Wilton with the weekly Republican radio address.

At a time when Mainers are facing ever increasing costs at the gas pump, and at the grocery store, legislative Democrats passed a bill to unionize farm workers.  This legislation is problematic, even in good times, as many of Maine’s family farms would be unable to absorb additional costs that will drive them out of business.

That would lead to greater unemployment and higher food prices for consumers.

When this idea is coupled with our current environment of ever increasing prices, this makes the legislation even worse.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the last year, food prices have increased 6.3%.  This is the hidden tax of inflation.  The cost to buy the same food you were buying just a year ago is taking up 6% more of your family budget.  Energy is even worse with an increase of nearly 30%.  Of course, we see this every day when we go to fill our cars so we can go to the store to buy our groceries.

Despite this environment, where your hard earned money buys less as a result of government over spending, every Legislative Democrat in the House, but one, voted to pass this anti-farm bill.  More than that, the state government has taken more of your income than is necessary to the tune of $822 million.  So, while you are paying more for the items you need to earn a living, the state is taking more of the living you are trying to earn.

All of Maine needs a break.  We need to move back to normal.  That begins with stopping bills like the one we face Wednesday.  It means reducing the personal income tax to ensure as Mainers facing increased prices in most facets of their lives, as a result of these Democrat policies, keep more of what they earn.  It finishes by changing the legislative mind-set that government is better at planning your life than you are.

So, tune in to the legislative debate on Wednesday and listen to the Democrats argue why you should have to pay more for food and why famers should face heavier burdens to grow what we eat.  Then follow this session as those same legislative democrats seek to spend all of the money you overpaid to the state.

Republicans will continue to advocate for limiting principals to a progressive democrat agenda that seeks to limit Mainers pursuing individual success. We are ready to get back on track; let’s start by moving government back to its proper lane.

This has been Representative Randy Hall with the weekly republican radio address.  Thank you for listening, subscribing, sharing, and following us on Facebook and Instagram

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