Maine is making international news

Generous welfare benefits and the Governor’s call for 75,000 “new Mainers” are attracting people to Maine

This is Representative Rachel Henderson of Rumford with the Weekly Republican Address. 

Over two weeks ago, legislative Republicans broke the news that over $34 million dollars, 63% of the Emergency Housing Relief Fund is being spent to temporarily house asylum seekers while the pressing needs of Maine citizens go unmet.

Over $34 Million dollars has been spent on housing for an estimated 2,200 asylum seekers from just one program.

Republicans released figures from the Maine State Housing Authority.

At our press conference, we put the spotlight on spending that includes:

• Over $34 million to house approximately 2,200 asylum seekers; 63% of the entire fund

• The Transitional housing piece spent $56,000 per unit

• $1.2 million dollars was spent for legal assistance for federal asylum claims

• $13.9 million dollars went to one hotel that houses 80 families

• Money has been used to build new, rent-free luxury apartments in Brunswick

The Governor’s Office refuses to provide any information on the number of people coming here or overall spending.

Because the Mills Administration refused comment, most of the Maine media was slow to report on our findings without having a full explanation.

The Maine Housing Authority was tasked with providing “context” on the spending. 

None of our claims have been refuted.

NewsCenter Maine covered it this week and our claims were rated TRUE!

Now the situation is making international news.

The highest paid circulation newspaper in the United Kingdom, the DAILY MAIL just published:

Outrage over Maine lavishing $34M on ‘Taj Mahal’ apartments for asylum seekers and welcoming 75,000 newcomers this decade while leaving veterans and homeless behind

That is not the kind of news Maine should be making.

It will only fuel more migration from people seeking over-the-top public assistance benefits.

These benefits attract people that cannot work by law, like asylum seekers, or people that choose not to work.

Currently, 409,000 of all Mainers are on public assistance through the MaineCare program.

That is nearly one third of all Mainers.

Since Governor Mills took office, workforce participation has dropped to only 59% of people that are able to work.

That means there are fewer and fewer working taxpayers to pay for ever increasing welfare benefits.

It is no wonder that pressing state needs cannot be met.

  • Nursing homes continue to close.
    • There is a shortage of long-term care facilities and workers
    • Our elderly people have nowhere to go.
    • We have a massive mental health crisis with a shortage of beds.
    • Fentanyl continues to take the lives of our people, young and old.
    • We have homeless camps throughout Maine.

Maine is spending millions to put thousands of people in hotels that will not be long-term residents. Only 15% of asylum seekers are granted asylum.

My district in western Maine was hit hard by the December storm. Dozens of families are still facing the after effects of their lives being turned upside down.

Why are people just arriving here a higher priority when it comes to spending? 

Governor Mills and legislative Democrats need to tell us what the plan is going forward.

This has been Representative Rachel Henderson with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

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