Limiting natural gas and propane makes no sense

Maine has a history of storms that knock out power. During the storm of 1998, my family was without power for several days. That required me to purchase a gas-powered generator. Since that fateful week, a lot of Maine folks have purchased a propane-fueled generator to avoid ethanol fuel fouling the carburetor. 

Years ago, the paper mill in Old Town was able to stay in business by becoming more competitive by switching over to natural gas once the gas line from Canada came through Old Town. The city of Bangor runs propane fuel buses.

It is well established that having a variety of fuel options is important to our way of life, especially with the cold climate that we have. Now a bill has been introduced that would limit any future expansion of natural gas into Maine. LD 2077, if passed, would prevent businesses and consumers from choosing natural gas moving forward. Ultimately it seems to me that the goal of this bill’s backers is to follow California and phase out the use of oil and gas in Maine. 

In 2021, California moved to outlaw the sale of gas-powered small engines. That would mean no gas-powered generators or chain saws in the event of a power outage. Under the logic of supporters, gas stoves could also be outlawed.

We Mainers cherish our freedom and limited government, and this bill would continue to allow government to yet again decrease our freedom of choice. 

As for me, I will be voting ought not to pass. 

Rep. Gary Drinkwater


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