Letter to the Editor: Transparency in Education


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SEPTEMBER 15, 2023SEPTEMBER 14, 2023


Recently, a representative from the Maine Department of Education briefed the Education Committee on the ESP Formula for School funding. As a member of that committee, I had the opportunity to ask questions on behalf of my district and Maine citizens concerned with how our school dollars are spent and the impact on student learning. Specifically, I questioned the department’s claim that local school districts have complete control over the funds they receive.

As a teacher of 36 years, I know that the department gives directives on curricular outcomes. I worked with the department on this very issue while I was teaching. To claim that local districts have complete control is not true. As a State Representative, and member of the Education Committee, I will continue to fight for transparency in our educational system, and hold the department accountable for their statements regarding local control. I want state funding that results in higher educational outcomes for students. In most cases, that means ensuring that the money goes to teachers and students, not bureaucratic overhead. We need to focus more on what is truly important to our children’s academic achievement.

Rep. Sheila Lyman
State Representative
Jay, Livermore (Part), Livermore Falls

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