Miles Logan, of Brunswick
LD 135(SP74)
An Act to Require Manure Bags for Horse-drawn Vehicles
LD 220(HP141)
An Act to Support Maine’s Potato Farmers and Processors
LD 387(HP238)
An Act to Promote Affordable Housing by Providing a Tax Exemption for Housing Choice Vouchers
LD 388(HP239)
An Act to Require the State and Municipalities to Reimburse Landlords for Unpaid Rent During Eviction Moratoriums
LD 425(HP258)
An Act to Lower the Environmental Impact of Consumers, Increase Food Safety and Strengthen Consumer Choice by Ending the Ban on Single-use Plastic Shopping Bags
LD 494(HP311)
An Act to Conform State Funding to the Federal Hyde Amendment, Limiting Funding for Some Abortion Services
LD 518(HP323)
An Act to Allow Armed Security in Schools
LD 551(HP356)
An Act to Strengthen Maine Citizens’ Second Amendment Rights by Allowing the Discharge of Firearms on Private Property That Is Within 500 Feet of School Property in Certain Circumstances
LD 604(HP381)
An Act to Extend the Night Hunting Season for Coyotes to Immediately Following the Muzzle-loading-only Deer Hunting Season
LD 607(HP384)
Resolve, to Direct the Department of Transportation to Examine the Feasibility of Extending Interstate 95 to the St. John Valley
LD 620(HP397)
An Act to Promote Free Trade by Preventing Municipalities from Prohibiting the Sale of Legal Goods
LD 621(HP398)
An Act to Ensure That Businesses Do Not Refuse Payment in Person with Cash
LD 622(HP399)
An Act to Create Equal Opportunity Access to Clean Energy by Removing the 100-megawatt Limit on Clean Energy Sources
LD 623(HP400)
An Act to Modify Maine Motor Vehicle Inspection Standards to Permit Nonstructural Corrosion That Does Not Directly Affect the Passenger Compartment
LD 624(HP401)
An Act to Prohibit Government Officials from Maintaining Records Related to Firearms Owners
LD 626(HP403)
An Act to Preserve Maine’s Sporting Heritage and Enhance Sporting Opportunities for Maine’s Youth by Allowing Maine’s Youth to Hunt on Sunday
LD 627(HP404)
An Act to Promote Clean and Affordable Maine-sourced Bioenergy by Amending the Law Regarding Outdoor Wood Boilers and Outdoor Pellet Boilers
LD 628(HP405)
An Act to Designate Maine Irish Heritage Day
LD 629(HP406)
An Act to Improve, Protect and Defend the Individual Civil Right to Bear Arms Through Exemption of Firearms and Ammunition from Taxation
LD 634(HP411)
An Act to Allow Open Burning in the Snow Without a Permit
LD 697(HP466)
Resolve, to Study the Effects of 5G Technology on Bird, Bee and Insect Populations and the Effects of Long-term Exposure on Children
LD 835(HP524)
An Act to Phase Out the Income Tax
LD 943(HP590)
An Act to Enhance Privacy and Prohibit Shipping Companies from Maintaining Records of Firearm and Ammunition Shipments
LD 986(SP405)
An Act to Ensure Safer Communities by Increasing the Punishment for Crimes Involving Fentanyl
LD 994(HP629)
An Act to Include Possession of Compounds, Mixtures or Substances Containing a Detectable Amount of Certain Scheduled Drugs to Prove the Offense of Unlawful Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs
LD 1007(HP643)
An Act to Ban the Video Hosting Service TikTok on All State-owned Devices
LD 1020(HP656)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education to Update Course Requirements for Certification of Industrial Arts Teachers and to Finally Adopt Major Substantive Rules
LD 1032(HP668)
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Specify the Qualifications of Electors
LD 1084(HP679)
An Act to Enhance Wildlife Conservation Efforts and Preserve Sporting Heritage by Making the Elements of a Hunter Safety Course a Part of Public School Curriculum
LD 1202(HP762)
An Act to Increase the Homestead Exemption to $50,000
LD 1249(HP797)
An Act to Protect the Quality of Care Provided via Telehealth by Prohibiting Physicians from Prescribing Abortion-inducing Drugs or Devices Through Telehealth or Other Electronic Communication
LD 1273(SP510)
An Act to Exempt Some Businesses from Certain Laws Relating to Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Accordance with the Size of the Business
LD 1425(HP921)
An Act to Strengthen Freedom of Access Protections by Allowing Remote Meetings to Be Recorded
LD 1485(SP606)
An Act to Provide Funding for Hospital Security in Aroostook County
LD 1557(HP1002)
An Act to Increase and Enhance School Safety by Allowing Individuals with Concealed Carry Permits to Possess Handguns on School Property
LD 1560(HP1005)
An Act to Remove the Duty of an Individual Exercising Self-defense to Safely Retreat or Abstain from Performing Certain Acts upon Demand
LD 1561(HP1006)
An Act to Restore Firearm Rights and Hunting Privileges to Persons Previously Convicted of Certain Nonviolent Felony Crimes
LD 1562(HP1007)
An Act to Protect the Retirement of State Employees and Teachers by Establishing Standards for Fiduciary Responsibility
LD 1583(HP1028)
An Act to Provide a Pathway to Sobriety for Formerly or Currently Incarcerated Individuals
LD 1598(SP629)
An Act to Allow an Exception to Immunization Requirements for Health Care Workers for Vaccines Approved Under Emergency Use Authorization
LD 1600(SP631)
An Act to Improve Property Tax Relief for Certain Disabled Veterans
LD 1624(HP1049)
An Act to Streamline the Process for Amending a Birth Certificate of an Adult When Genetic Parentage is Not Disputed
LD 1657(SP662)
An Act to Amend the Law Governing Certain Sexual Offenses
LD 1694(SP681)
An Act to Improve the Rest Stop Facilities Located on Interstate 95 in Medway
LD 1727(SP691)
An Act to Protect Northern Maine Standard-offer Ratepayers
LD 1758(SP704)
An Act to Require a Municipality to Pay a Homeless Shelter on a Per Capita Basis for Persons Released or Delivered by the Municipality to the Shelter
LD 1884(HP1209)
An Act to Prohibit Offshore Wind Energy Development
LD 1941(SP790)
Resolve, to Ensure Access to Critical Orthodontic Care by Increasing the MaineCare Reimbursement Rate
LD 1988(SP817)
An Act to Provide Critical Matching Funds for Child Care Services on the Northern Maine Community College Campus
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