LD 59
An Act to Prohibit Inclusion of the COVID-19 Vaccine in the Universal Childhood Immunization Program
LD 66
An Act to Prohibit the Taxation of Drinking Water
LD 159
An Act to Facilitate the Construction of a Firehouse by Sinclair Township
LD 220
An Act to Support Maine’s Potato Farmers and Processors
LD 413
An Act to Require the Department of Transportation to Upgrade Route 1 from Fort Kent to Van Buren
LD 522
An Act to Require That Motor Vehicles Be Clear of Snow When Operated on Public Ways
LD 607
Resolve, to Direct the Department of Transportation to Examine the Feasibility of Extending Interstate 95 to the St. John Valley
LD 626
An Act to Preserve Maine’s Sporting Heritage and Enhance Sporting Opportunities for Maine’s Youth by Allowing Maine’s Youth to Hunt on Sunday
LD 924
Resolve, to Provide Legislative Approval of Northern Maine Transmission Infrastructure
LD 1027
An Act to Prohibit Local Sales Taxes
LD 1072
An Act Regarding the Bureau of Motor Vehicles
LD 1140
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation to Allow All-terrain Vehicle Traffic on a Section of Trail in the City of Caribou
LD 1187
An Act to Protect Inpatient Psychiatric Services in Northern Maine by Preserving the Current Reimbursement Rate
LD 1457
An Act to Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for a Jail in Caribou
LD 1542
Resolve, to Direct the Department of Transportation to Study the Use of Micromobility Devices
LD 1596
An Act to Facilitate the Creation of an Aroostook County Drug Treatment Court
LD 1597
Resolve, to Establish the Gagetown Harmful Chemical Study Commission
LD 1750
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation to Complete a Service Plan and Determine the Scope of Work for Restoration of Rail Use of the Berlin Subdivision Rail Corridor from Downtown Portland to Auburn
LD 1778
An Act to Ensure a Sustainable Electric Grid
LD 1792
Resolve, to Establish the Rural Health Services Task Force
LD 1794
An Act to Enhance the Predictability of Mandated Overtime for Pulp or Paper Manufacturing Facility Employees
LD 1889
An Act to Provide Authorization to Aroostook County to Use the Statewide Radio and Network System
LD 1941
Resolve, to Ensure Access to Critical Orthodontic Care by Increasing the MaineCare Reimbursement Rate
LD 1965
An Act to Authorize the Secretary of State to Provide a New General Issue of License Plates
LD 1988
An Act to Provide Critical Matching Funds for Child Care Services on the Northern Maine Community College Campus
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