LD 515(HP320)
An Act to Require School Board Approval of Superintendent Rules and Administrative Procedures
LD 618(HP395)
An Act to Eliminate Critical Race Theory, Social and Emotional Learning and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from School Curricula
LD 826(HP515)
An Act to Prohibit the Disposal of Certain Solar Panels in the State and to Require Bonds to Cover Disposal Costs
LD 929(HP576)
An Act to Allow Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License Holders to Hunt Any Deer as a Part of Their Lifetime License
LD 930(HP577)
An Act to Allow Only Students of Female Gender to Participate in Women’s and Girls’ Scholastic Sports
LD 965(HP612)
LD 969(HP616)
An Act to Implement Requirements for Certain Bills
LD 1112(HP708)
An Act to Provide Workers’ Compensation for Temporary Employees
LD 1113(HP709)
An Act to Require Transparency Regarding School Construction Spending
LD 1133(HP719)
An Act Regarding Emergency Management Funding for Municipal Shelters
LD 1175(HP747)
An Act to Provide for the Review and Uniform Application of All Transmission and Distribution Utility Rates
LD 1176(HP748)
An Act to Create Municipal Cannabis Revenue Sharing
LD 1261(HP809)
An Act to Establish Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Gross Sexual Assaults and Sex Trafficking of Children
LD 1297(HP822)
An Act to Notify School Boards and Select Boards That Lobbying Associations Are Not Governmental Agencies
LD 1809(HP1154)
An Act to Prohibit Health Care Services Without Parental Consent
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