LD 56(HP31)
An Act to Provide Free Admission to State Parks and Historic Sites for the Spouses and Children of Veterans Holding Free Day Use Passes
LD 69(HP44)
An Act to Improve Electrical Supply Cost Transparency
LD 126(SP65)
An Act to Improve the Fairness of Adaptive Management Study Moose Hunt Permits by Exempting Those Permittees from the 4-year Limitation on Receiving Another Permit
LD 171(HP112)
An Act to Provide That All Rules Regarding Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Are Major Substantive Rules
LD 174(HP115)
An Act to Return the Name of the Maine Community College System to the Maine Technical College System
LD 213(HP134)
An Act to Maintain the Authority of the Maine School for Marine Science, Technology, Transportation and Engineering
LD 214(HP135)
An Act to Amend the Laws Regarding Zoning and Land Use Restrictions to Limit Certain Requirements to Municipalities with a Population of More than 10,000
LD 296(HP194)
An Act to Ensure Municipalities Receive a Higher Percentage of All-terrain Vehicle Registration Fees to Cover Increased Expenses
LD 305(HP203)
An Act to Provide Youth Lifetime Hunting Licenses to Eligible Dependents of Veterans Who Are 100 Percent Disabled
LD 341(HP215)
An Act to Amend the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law to Encourage Housing Construction
LD 342(HP216)
An Act to Streamline Licensing by Matching Federal Licensing Requirements for Occupations Licensed Federally
LD 376(HP227)
An Act to Repeal the Law Regarding the Northern Maine Renewable Energy Development Program
LD 422(HP255)
An Act to Eliminate the Requirement That Municipalities Provide Public Notice in Newspapers
LD 458(SP212)
An Act to Require an Application for a Hunting License to Include a Check-off Box Indicating an Applicant’s Wish to Be Entered in the Antlerless Deer Permit Lottery
LD 465(HP282)
An Act to Provide for an Electronic Permit for the Disposition of Human Remains
LD 481(HP298)
An Act to Allow the Deferral of a Moose Hunting Permit If More than One Permit Is Awarded Within the Same Household
LD 482(HP299)
An Act to Extend the Time for Youth Deer Hunting
LD 486(HP303)
An Act to Encourage Economic Development Through the Manufacture and Use of Marine Nuclear Power Modules
LD 492(HP309)
An Act to Repurpose Vacant Shopping Mall and Retail Space to Mixed-use Housing and Retail
LD 575(HP370)
An Act Regarding a Seat Belt Exemption for Persons with a Medical Condition
LD 582(SP250)
An Act to Enhance Certain Penalties for Possession of Firearms by Prohibited Persons
LD 608(HP385)
Resolve, to Improve Outcomes for Participants in the Antlerless Deer Permit Lottery
LD 613(HP390)
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Antlerless Deer Permit Process
LD 635(HP412)
An Act to Allow a Retired Law Enforcement Officer to Serve as a School Resource Officer Without Affecting That Officer’s Retirement Benefits
LD 711(HP480)
An Act to Regulate Oyster Seed
LD 802(HP491)
An Act to Increase the Maine Exclusion Amount for Estate Tax Exemptions
LD 831(HP520)
An Act Regarding Low Success Rates for Moose Hunting
LD 977(HP624)
Resolve, to Study the Gasoline Tax Allocations for Nonhighway Recreational Vehicles and Make Recommendations for Changes
LD 1008(HP644)
An Act to Establish a Rating System for Books in School Libraries
LD 1021(HP657)
An Act to Enhance Awareness of Laboratory Testing of Ticks for Lyme Disease
LD 1099(HP694)
An Act to Protect Vulnerable Populations in Residential Facilities from Extended Power Outages
LD 1299(HP824)
An Act to Amend the Maine Bail Code
LD 1300(HP825)
An Act to Give the Governing Board of a Municipality Input into the Budget Developed by a School Board
LD 1303(HP828)
An Act to Exempt Boats and All-terrain Vehicles Purchased for Qualified Commercial Fishing or Commercial Farming from State Sales Tax
LD 1444(HP940)
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing Eligibility Restrictions for Commercial Menhaden Fishing Licenses
LD 1518(HP973)
An Act Regarding the Rights of Parents to Withdraw Their Children from Public School Classes or Activities That Include Certain Controversial Viewpoints
LD 1618(HP1043)
Resolve, to Convene a Lobster Industry Working Group
LD 1817(SP732)
An Act to Support Outdoor Education by Establishing the Outdoor School for All Maine Students Program
LD 1883(HP1208)
An Act to Enact the Protection of Shared Physical and Digital Property from Warrantless Searches Act
LD 1915(SP775)
Resolve, to Establish a Grant Program to Issue Shellfish Licenses to Qualified Disabled Veterans
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