LD 104(HP72)
An Act to Make It a Crime Not to Report a Death
LD 310(HP208)
An Act to Increase the Workforce in the State
LD 318(SP139)
Resolve, to Designate the Route 170 Bridge Located in Webster Plantation the Gary “Swampy” Worster Memorial Bridge
LD 454(SP208)
An Act to Establish a 180-day State Residency Requirement for Municipal General Assistance
LD 498(SP216)
An Act to Prohibit the Use of the Electronic Benefits Transfer System Outside of Maine, Massachusetts or New Hampshire to Obtain Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program Benefits
LD 548(HP353)
An Act to Amend the Duties of County Sheriffs
LD 558(HP363)
An Act Regarding Rental Housing Applications
LD 559(HP364)
An Act to Increase the Number of Hours Certain Minor Students May Work Under Certain Circumstances
LD 560(HP365)
An Act Regarding County Sheriff Vehicle Registration Plates
LD 575(HP370)
An Act Regarding a Seat Belt Exemption for Persons with a Medical Condition
LD 606(HP383)
An Act Regarding Development of a Program to Assist Farmers Affected by Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Contamination
LD 668(HP437)
An Act to Protect Maine Taxpayers by Requiring a Person to Be a United States Citizen to Receive General Assistance Benefits and to Ensure Municipal Compliance with Federal Immigration Laws
LD 682(HP451)
An Act Regarding Labeling of Packaged Foods for Genetically Modified Organisms
LD 697(HP466)
Resolve, to Study the Effects of 5G Technology on Bird, Bee and Insect Populations and the Effects of Long-term Exposure on Children
LD 713(HP482)
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Dedicate a Portion of Sales and Use Taxes from All Motor Vehicle Sales and Motor Vehicle-related Sales to the Highway Fund for Road and Bridge Capital Improvements
LD 758(SP316)
An Act to Account for the Impact of Inflation on the Taxation of Capital Gains and Losses
LD 771(SP330)
An Act to Protect a Woman’s Right to Withdraw Consent for an Abortion
LD 835(HP524)
An Act to Phase Out the Income Tax
LD 837(HP526)
An Act to Ensure College Credit Classes Taken in Secondary School Are Credited at the University Level
LD 881(HP547)
Resolve, Directing the University of Maine System to Study the Development of a Course Regarding the Use of Manufactured Wood Products
LD 994(HP629)
An Act to Include Possession of Compounds, Mixtures or Substances Containing a Detectable Amount of Certain Scheduled Drugs to Prove the Offense of Unlawful Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs
LD 995(HP630)
An Act to Provide Insurance Coverage for a Second Opinion If a Health Care Provider Recommends an Abortion for Health or Safety Reasons
LD 1006(HP642)
An Act to Ensure Access to Safe Drinking Water from Household Wells in Rural Areas by Expanding Testing
LD 1024(HP660)
Resolve, to Study the Impact of Divorce, Child Support Issues and Custody Issues on Children, Parents, Health, Poverty and Housing Insecurity
LD 1093(HP688)
An Act to Create a Seasonal Gas Tax Exemption and Rate
LD 1157(HP729)
An Act to Stabilize Licensing Fees
LD 1202(HP762)
An Act to Increase the Homestead Exemption to $50,000
LD 1228(HP776)
An Act to Prohibit Certain Higher Education Institutions from Requiring Vaccines Approved Under Emergency Use Authorization for Admission or Attendance
LD 1365(HP879)
An Act to Require Photograph Identification for Voting
LD 1404(HP900)
An Act Requiring Insurance Companies to Cover the Care of Expectant Mothers in Adoption Cases and Provide Notice of That Coverage to Pregnant Women
LD 1425(HP921)
An Act to Strengthen Freedom of Access Protections by Allowing Remote Meetings to Be Recorded
LD 1451(SP569)
An Act to Prohibit State and Local Enforcement of Federal Firearms Laws
LD 1466(SP585)
An Act to Fund Adult Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder Services by Eliminating Certain Tax Funding from the Maine Clean Election Fund
LD 1485(SP606)
An Act to Provide Funding for Hospital Security in Aroostook County
LD 1500(HP955)
An Act to Strengthen Maine’s Elections by Requiring Video Monitoring of Drop Boxes and Amending the Laws Regarding Voter Rolls and Absentee Voting Envelopes
LD 1501(HP956)
An Act to Protect Maine Citizens from Discrimination by Including Vaccination Status as a Protected Class
LD 1545(HP997)
An Act to Reduce Drug Overdoses and Death by Expanding the Crime of Aggravated Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs by Including Compounds, Mixtures or Substances
LD 1546(HP998)
An Act Regarding Nondiscrimination in Financial Services
LD 1547(HP999)
An Act to Temporarily Prohibit the State from Mandating COVID-19 Vaccinations
LD 1562(HP1007)
An Act to Protect the Retirement of State Employees and Teachers by Establishing Standards for Fiduciary Responsibility
LD 1567(HP1012)
An Act to Create a Training Program for School Board Members and Establish School Board Meeting Standards
LD 1571(HP1016)
An Act to Provide Meaningful Public Participation at Local School Board Meetings
LD 1598(SP629)
An Act to Allow an Exception to Immunization Requirements for Health Care Workers for Vaccines Approved Under Emergency Use Authorization
LD 1636(SP653)
An Act to Ensure the Right to Work Without Payment of Dues or Fees to a Labor Union
LD 1643(HP1053)
An Act Regarding Instructional Materials, Surveys, Analyses, Evaluations and Events at Public Schools
LD 1774(HP1137)
An Act Exempting Certain Emergency Distributions and Emergency Savings Accounts from Taxation
LD 1868(HP1198)
Resolve, to Name 2 Brooks in the Town of Orient
LD 1884(HP1209)
An Act to Prohibit Offshore Wind Energy Development
LD 1928(SP786)
An Act to Protect Maine Taxpayers from Unconstitutional Federal Expenditures
LD 1947(HP1251)
An Act to Amend the Maine Food Sovereignty Act
LD 1988(SP817)
An Act to Provide Critical Matching Funds for Child Care Services on the Northern Maine Community College Campus
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