LD 164(HP105)
An Act to Fund the Lake Restoration and Protection Fund
LD 207(HP128)
An Act to Transfer Responsibility for Administering the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code from the Department of Public Safety, Office of the State Fire Marshal to the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation
LD 223(HP144)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services to Amend Its Rules Regarding Pharmacy Services
LD 422(HP255)
An Act to Eliminate the Requirement That Municipalities Provide Public Notice in Newspapers
LD 428(HP261)
An Act to Reclassify Certain Offenses Under the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Laws and Increase the Efficiency of the Criminal Justice System
LD 429(HP262)
An Act to Reclassify Certain Offenses Under the Motor Vehicle Laws and Increase the Efficiency of the Criminal Justice System
LD 444(SP199)
An Act to Designate First Responders and Other Public Safety Professionals as a Special Risk Population for the Purposes of Improving Insurance Coverage for the Effects of Trauma
LD 486(HP303)
An Act to Encourage Economic Development Through the Manufacture and Use of Marine Nuclear Power Modules
LD 630(HP407)
An Act to Ensure Rural Law Enforcement Services in Maine
LD 672(HP441)
An Act to Establish Youth Deer Hunting Weekend
LD 682(HP451)
An Act Regarding Labeling of Packaged Foods for Genetically Modified Organisms
LD 697(HP466)
Resolve, to Study the Effects of 5G Technology on Bird, Bee and Insect Populations and the Effects of Long-term Exposure on Children
LD 822(HP511)
An Act to Allow All Corporations to Self-insure Motor Vehicles
LD 899(HP555)
An Act to Authorize Vaccine Administration by Pharmacy Technicians and Reduce Vaccine Administration Training Requirements for Pharmacists
LD 900(HP556)
An Act to Modernize the State Motor Vehicle Inspection Program
LD 1086(HP681)
An Act to Define the Term “Solitary Confinement” for the Laws Governing a Jail or Correctional Facility
LD 1108(HP704)
An Act to Require All Candidates for Any State or County Office to Follow the Same Rules for Submission of Signatures Regarding Deadlines and the Number of Signatures
LD 1204(HP764)
An Act to Improve the Health of Maine Residents by Closing Coverage Gaps in the MaineCare Program for Incarcerated Persons
LD 1267(HP815)
An Act to Provide Alternative Methods of Payment to Health Care Providers
LD 1299(HP824)
An Act to Amend the Maine Bail Code
LD 1300(HP825)
An Act to Give the Governing Board of a Municipality Input into the Budget Developed by a School Board
LD 1305(HP830)
Resolve, to Design and Implement a Community-based Model of Care for Adolescent Mental Health
LD 1323(HP838)
An Act to Amend the Opioid Education Requirements
LD 1361(HP875)
An Act to Implement Best Practices Regarding Children’s Behavioral and Mental Health Care
LD 1425(HP921)
An Act to Strengthen Freedom of Access Protections by Allowing Remote Meetings to Be Recorded
LD 1701(HP1090)
Resolve, to Reestablish and Continue the Work of the Blue Ribbon Commission to Study Emergency Medical Services in the State
LD 1784(HP1147)
Resolve, to Improve Access to Appropriate Levels of Long-term Care by Rebasing and Increasing Reimbursement Rates
LD 1785(HP1148)
Resolve, to Establish the Blue Ribbon Commission to Make Recommendations to Update Laws Governing the Continuum of Long-term Care Options
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