LD 38
Resolve, to Rename a Bridge in the Town of Freeport the Matthew MacMillan Memorial Bridge
LD 434
An Act to Protect Landowners and Increase Safety on All-terrain Vehicle Trails by Increasing Funding to the ATV Recreational Management Fund
LD 481
An Act to Allow the Deferral of a Moose Hunting Permit If More than One Permit Is Awarded Within the Same Household
LD 491
Resolve, to Require the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to Develop a Plan for Communication Regarding Certain Municipal Regulation
LD 547
An Act to Amend the Hunting Laws as They Pertain to the Training of Dogs
LD 672
An Act to Establish Youth Deer Hunting Weekend
LD 687
An Act to Increase the Allowable Width of a Snowplow
LD 702
An Act Regarding the Detention, Supervision and Transportation of Arrested Juveniles
LD 704
An Act to Replace Annual Vanity Plate Administrative Fees with a One-time Fee
LD 728
An Act to Amend the Bag Limit for Turkey
LD 732
An Act to Prohibit Off-trail Operation of a Snowmobile in an Area Closed to Off-trail Operation
LD 784
An Act to Establish Welfare Work Requirements for Able-bodied Adults Without Dependents
LD 792
An Act to Provide a Turnpike Gasoline Fairness Credit for Maine Turnpike Drivers
LD 822
An Act to Allow All Corporations to Self-insure Motor Vehicles
LD 831
An Act Regarding Low Success Rates for Moose Hunting
LD 958
An Act to Expand Protections to Maine’s Loons from Lead Poisoning by Prohibiting the Sale and Use of Certain Painted Lead Jigs
LD 1008
An Act to Establish a Rating System for Books in School Libraries
LD 1030
An Act Relating to Requirements for School Bus Drivers
LD 1049
An Act to Protect Maine’s Inland Fisheries from Invasive Fish
LD 1072
An Act Regarding the Bureau of Motor Vehicles
LD 1157
An Act to Stabilize Licensing Fees
LD 1241
An Act to Allow Sunday Hunting with a Bow and Arrow or Crossbow
LD 1270
An Act to Protect Maine People from Inflation by Restoring Gold and Silver as Legal Tender
LD 1296
An Act to Authorize Municipalities to Allow Firefighters to Have Increased Lighting on Their Personal Vehicles
LD 1347
An Act to Eliminate the Current Net Energy Billing Policy in Maine
LD 1374
An Act to Improve Driver Safety by Requiring the Completion of a Defensive Driving Course for Certain Violations
LD 1486
An Act to Exempt Tractor Trailer Trucks from the Excise Tax
LD 1542
Resolve, to Direct the Department of Transportation to Study the Use of Micromobility Devices
LD 1547
An Act to Temporarily Prohibit the State from Mandating COVID-19 Vaccinations
LD 1640
An Act to Require Industry Training and Certification for Persons Undertaking Corrosion Prevention and Mitigation for Bridges
LD 1694
An Act to Improve the Rest Stop Facilities Located on Interstate 95 in Medway
LD 1911
An Act Concerning Automotive Right to Repair
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