LD 101(HP69)
An Act to Return to the Former Owner Any Excess Funds Remaining After the Sale of Foreclosed Property
LD 140(HP86)
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Right to Counsel for Juveniles and Due Process for Juveniles
LD 181(SP85)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services to Implement Secure Children’s Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Services
LD 222(HP143)
An Act to Require Students to Demonstrate Knowledge of the Constitution of Maine and the United States Constitution
LD 301(HP199)
An Act to Exempt Employers from Providing Earned Paid Leave for Certain Employees
LD 389(HP240)
An Act to Improve Rural Transportation and Access to Mental Health Care and Physical Health Care
LD 435(HP268)
Resolve, to Ensure the Provision of Medically Necessary Behavioral Health Care Services for Children in Their Homes and Communities
LD 449(HP278)
An Act to Authorize the Department of Health and Human Services to License Home-based and Community-based Services for Persons with an Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder or a Related Condition or an Acquired Brain Injury and Define Autism Spectrum Disorder
LD 494(HP311)
An Act to Conform State Funding to the Federal Hyde Amendment, Limiting Funding for Some Abortion Services
LD 505(SP222)
An Act to Update Reimbursement Rates for Transportation of Deceased Persons by Funeral Homes
LD 539(HP344)
An Act to Provide Substance Use Disorder Counseling for MaineCare Members with an Acquired Brain Injury
LD 613(HP390)
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Antlerless Deer Permit Process
LD 617(HP394)
An Act to Foster Career and Technical Education in Maine Schools by Creating an Additional Pathway to Certify Industrial Arts Teachers
LD 757(SP315)
An Act to Expand Telemonitoring for MaineCare Patients
LD 771(SP330)
An Act to Protect a Woman’s Right to Withdraw Consent for an Abortion
LD 784(SP343)
An Act to Establish Welfare Work Requirements for Able-bodied Adults Without Dependents
LD 838(HP527)
An Act to Identify the State’s Unidentified Human Remains
LD 906(HP562)
An Act to Ensure Physicians Receive Full Diagnostic Test Data Concerning Tick-borne Diseases
LD 998(HP634)
An Act to Remove the Cost-of-living Adjustment from the Minimum Wage Laws
LD 1003(HP639)
An Act to Increase Access to Behavioral Health Services for Children and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism
LD 1059(SP428)
Resolve, to Allow Reimbursement for Remote Ultrasound Procedures and Fetal Nonstress Tests Under MaineCare
LD 1098(HP693)
An Act to Restore Religious and Philosophical Exemptions Regarding Immunization Requirements
LD 1106(HP702)
An Act to Improve the Transition to Adult Services for Children with Intellectual Disabilities
LD 1116(HP712)
An Act to Provide Rural Sober Living Housing for Mothers
LD 1129(HP714)
An Act to Enact the Curriculum Transparency Act
LD 1165(HP737)
An Act to Enhance Cost Savings to Consumers of Prescription Drugs
LD 1194(SP490)
An Act to Implement Work Requirements Under the MaineCare Program
LD 1199(HP759)
An Act to Provide Transparency in Public School Curricula
LD 1226(HP774)
An Act to Require MaineCare to Give a 60-day Notice Prior to Terminating Benefits
LD 1238(HP786)
An Act to Require Reporting on the Percentage of Approved Care Being Delivered to Individuals
LD 1249(HP797)
An Act to Protect the Quality of Care Provided via Telehealth by Prohibiting Physicians from Prescribing Abortion-inducing Drugs or Devices Through Telehealth or Other Electronic Communication
LD 1261(HP809)
An Act to Establish Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Gross Sexual Assaults and Sex Trafficking of Children
LD 1269(SP506)
An Act to Empower Patients and Eliminate Welfare Cliffs in the MaineCare Program by Establishing a MaineCare Savings Account Pilot Program
LD 1305(HP830)
Resolve, to Design and Implement a Community-based Model of Care for Adolescent Mental Health
LD 1309(HP834)
An Act to Clarify Requirements for Payment of Tuition for Children with Disabilities by the Department of Education’s Child Development Services System
LD 1325(SP542)
An Act to Make Permanent the Submission of Certain Reports to the Legislature Concerning Child Welfare
LD 1361(HP875)
An Act to Implement Best Practices Regarding Children’s Behavioral and Mental Health Care
LD 1363(HP877)
An Act to Support Extraction of Common Minerals by Amending the Maine Metallic Mineral Mining Act
LD 1382(SP547)
An Act to Establish the Guiding Public Health Principles of Focused Protection for Pandemics of a Highly Infectious Respiratory Disease
LD 1469(SP588)
Resolve, to Sufficiently Staff Overnight Behavioral Health Crisis Facilities
LD 1474(SP593)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services to Expedite Reimbursement of Nursing Facilities
LD 1501(HP956)
An Act to Protect Maine Citizens from Discrimination by Including Vaccination Status as a Protected Class
LD 1554(SP618)
An Act to Repeal Certificate of Need Requirements for Health Care Providers
LD 1577(HP1022)
An Act to Require Health Insurance Coverage for Biomarker Testing
LD 1598(SP629)
An Act to Allow an Exception to Immunization Requirements for Health Care Workers for Vaccines Approved Under Emergency Use Authorization
LD 1684(HP1083)
An Act to Invest in the Health and Wellness of Older Maine Residents by Expanding Coordinated Community Programming
LD 1694(SP681)
An Act to Improve the Rest Stop Facilities Located on Interstate 95 in Medway
LD 1729(SP693)
An Act to Reduce Child Care Provider Regulation
LD 1736(HP1115)
An Act to Advance the National HIV/AIDS Strategy in Maine by Broadening HIV Testing
LD 1741(HP1120)
An Act to Promote Educational Opportunity Through the Educational Choice Tax Credit Program, Eliminating Certain Restrictions on Charter Schools and Virtual Public Charter Schools, Allowing More Entities to Authorize Charter Schools and Clarifying Educational Policy on Immunization Requirements
LD 1758(SP704)
An Act to Require a Municipality to Pay a Homeless Shelter on a Per Capita Basis for Persons Released or Delivered by the Municipality to the Shelter
LD 1836(HP1168)
An Act Regarding Insurance Coverage for Diagnostic and Supplemental Breast Examinations
LD 1837(HP1169)
An Act to Increase Oral Health Services
LD 1841(HP1173)
An Act to Establish the Hope and Inclusion Scholarship Program
LD 1936(HP1244)
An Act to Allow Certified Nurse Practitioners to Provide In-home Care Without a Home Health Care Provider License
LD 1995(SP820)
An Act to Bolster Maine’s Workforce and Economy by Increasing Assistance for Parents Pursuing Education and Employment and by Indexing Unemployment Benefits to the Unemployment Rate
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