Roger Allaire, of Shapleigh
Danny Raymond, of Caribou
the Honorable Christian “Chris” Greeley, of Veazie
Polly Anne Simonds Mapes, of Springvale
the Honorable Henry Joy, of Island Falls
Joanne Rankin, of Shapleigh
Mal Leary, of Augusta
Edna and Lynn Cayford, of Hallowell
the Sanford Elks Lodge No. 1470
LD 66
An Act to Prohibit the Taxation of Drinking Water
LD 161
An Act to Modify the Law Regarding Tinted Glass in Motor Vehicles
LD 376
An Act to Repeal the Law Regarding the Northern Maine Renewable Energy Development Program
LD 422
An Act to Eliminate the Requirement That Municipalities Provide Public Notice in Newspapers
LD 436
An Act to Provide Career and Technical Education Students with Credit Toward High School Graduation for Work Completed in Career and Technical Education Centers and Regions
LD 533
An Act to Exempt Overtime Pay from Individual Income Tax
LD 550
An Act to Increase Correctional Officer Salary and Benefits
LD 571
An Act to Develop Maine’s Entry-level Workforce
LD 736
An Act to Remove the Requirement That Certain Motor Vehicles Be Equipped with a Front License Plate
LD 990
An Act to Authorize State Special Purpose Depository Institutions for Digital Assets
LD 1155
An Act to Address Legislative Salaries
LD 1201
Resolve, Requiring the Director of the Bureau of Parks and Lands to Convey Interest in a Parcel of Land at the Newfield Wildlife Management Area to a Private Landowner
LD 1309
An Act to Clarify Requirements for Payment of Tuition for Children with Disabilities by the Department of Education’s Child Development Services System
LD 1445
An Act to Enact a Seasonal Sales Tax to Provide Income Tax Relief to Maine Residents
LD 1493
An Act to Increase Affordable Housing by Expanding Tax Increment Financing
LD 1970
LD 1975(HP1266) 
An Act to Implement a Statewide Public Health Response to Substance Use and Amend the Laws Governing Scheduled Drugs 
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