LD 604(HP381)
An Act to Extend the Night Hunting Season for Coyotes to Immediately Following the Muzzle-loading-only Deer Hunting Season
LD 606(HP383)
An Act Regarding Development of a Program to Assist Farmers Affected by Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Contamination
LD 613(HP390)
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Antlerless Deer Permit Process
LD 678(HP447)
An Act to Require Parental Approval for Public School Employees to Use a Name or Pronoun Other than a Child’s Given Name or Pronoun Corresponding to the Gender on the Child’s Birth Certificate
LD 1051(SP420)
An Act to Protect Maine People from Inflation by Exempting Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion from the State Sales and Use Tax
LD 1157(HP729)
An Act to Stabilize Licensing Fees
LD 1215(SP496)
An Act to End the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products
LD 1228(HP776)
An Act to Prohibit Certain Higher Education Institutions from Requiring Vaccines Approved Under Emergency Use Authorization for Admission or Attendance
LD 1545(HP997)
An Act to Reduce Drug Overdoses and Death by Expanding the Crime of Aggravated Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs by Including Compounds, Mixtures or Substances
LD 1567(HP1012)
An Act to Create a Training Program for School Board Members and Establish School Board Meeting Standards
LD 1571(HP1016)
An Act to Provide Meaningful Public Participation at Local School Board Meetings
LD 1810(HP1155)
An Act to Expand the Maine Historic Rehabilitation Credit and Establish a Weatherization Tax Credit
LD 1814(HP1160)
An Act to Reduce Mercury in the Environment by Phasing Out Certain Fluorescent Light Bulbs
LD 1817(SP732)
An Act to Support Outdoor Education by Establishing the Outdoor School for All Maine Students Program
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