LD 44(SP36)
Resolve, to Rename the Bridge Between Bingham and Concord Township on Route 16 the Jason Dore Memorial Bridge
LD 220(HP141)
An Act to Support Maine’s Potato Farmers and Processors
LD 311(SP132)
An Act to Amend Certain Laws Governing Pari-Mutuel Pools on Harness Racing
LD 400(SP181)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Environmental Protection to Examine Setback Requirements for Outdoor Wood Boilers
LD 403(SP184)
An Act to Improve Harness Racing in Maine by Repealing the Law Governing Standardbred Horses Eligible for Registration
LD 543(HP348)
An Act to Reimburse Counties for Judicial Costs
LD 579(SP247)
An Act to Support Farmland Conservation and Transition Planning for Farmers
LD 634(HP411)
An Act to Allow Open Burning in the Snow Without a Permit
LD 665(HP434)
An Act to Extend the Date by Which Compliance is Required for Affordable Housing Development, Increased Numbers of Dwelling Units and Accessory Dwelling Units
LD 672(HP441)
An Act to Establish Youth Deer Hunting Weekend
LD 687(HP456)
An Act to Increase the Allowable Width of a Snowplow
LD 702(HP471)
An Act Regarding the Detention, Supervision and Transportation of Arrested Juveniles
LD 782(SP341)
An Act to Support Statewide Economic Opportunities Through Strategic Investments of Property and Funds, Including Emergency Relief Funds
LD 1030(HP666)
An Act Relating to Requirements for School Bus Drivers
LD 1166(HP738)
An Act to Allow Sunday Hunting by Landowners on Their Land
LD 1234(HP782)
An Act to Provide Reimbursement for Health Care Expenses of Retired State Police Law Enforcement Dogs
LD 1272(SP509)
An Act to Index Unemployment Benefits to the Unemployment Rate
LD 1295(HP820)
An Act Regarding Penalties for Maintaining Drug-involved Premises
LD 1303(HP828)
An Act to Exempt Boats and All-terrain Vehicles Purchased for Qualified Commercial Fishing or Commercial Farming from State Sales Tax
LD 1350(HP864)
An Act Regarding the Composition of the Budget Advisory Committee and the Finality of the Budget in the Franklin County Budget Process
LD 1532(HP987)
An Act to Require the Timely Reimbursement by the State of Costs Incurred by a School Administrative Unit for Special Education Programs
LD 1563(HP1008)
An Act to Allow a Resident of Agricultural Land to Enlist License Holders to Hunt on the Land
LD 1591(SP622)
An Act to Promote Economic Reuse of Contaminated Land Through Clean Energy Development
LD 1670(HP1068)
An Act to Strengthen Maine’s Agriculture, Food and Forest Economy by Funding the Maine Agriculture, Food and Forest Products Investment Fund and Amending Related Provisions of Law
LD 1682(HP1081)
An Act to Create the Maine Experiential Education Program
LD 1767(HP1131)
An Act to Develop and Provide Technical Assistance for Meat Slaughtering and Processing
LD 1787(HP1150)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry to Convene a Stakeholder Group Tasked with a Comprehensive Overhaul and Modernization of the State Subdivision Statutes
LD 1924(HP1229)
An Act to Provide for Enforcement of Snowmobile and All-terrain Vehicle Laws
LD 1954(HP1256)
An Act to Address the Recent Mill Closure in the Town of Jay by Providing Funds to Offset Property Tax Loss
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