LD 195(HP119)
An Act to Exempt Gold Star Parents from Income Tax
LD 514(HP319)
Resolve, Directing the Office of the State Auditor to Report on Taxpayer Money Funding Maine Nonprofits
LD 515(HP320)
An Act to Require School Board Approval of Superintendent Rules and Administrative Procedures
LD 521(HP326)
An Act to Prevent Political Patronage with Regard to State Legislators
LD 613(HP390)
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Antlerless Deer Permit Process
LD 626(HP403)
An Act to Preserve Maine’s Sporting Heritage and Enhance Sporting Opportunities for Maine’s Youth by Allowing Maine’s Youth to Hunt on Sunday
LD 653(SP270)
An Act to Support Constitutionally Required Public Defense by Creating the Maine Office of Public Defense Services
LD 983(SP402)
An Act to Exempt Maine from Daylight Saving Time
LD 1230(HP778)
Resolve, Directing the Maine Public Employees Retirement System to Study the Creation of an Interstate Compact Concerning the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset
LD 1242(HP790)
An Act to Eliminate Certain Motor Vehicle Inspections
LD 1249(HP797)
An Act to Protect the Quality of Care Provided via Telehealth by Prohibiting Physicians from Prescribing Abortion-inducing Drugs or Devices Through Telehealth or Other Electronic Communication
LD 1545(HP997)
An Act to Reduce Drug Overdoses and Death by Expanding the Crime of Aggravated Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs by Including Compounds, Mixtures or Substances
LD 1547(HP999)
An Act to Temporarily Prohibit the State from Mandating COVID-19 Vaccinations
LD 1567(HP1012)
An Act to Create a Training Program for School Board Members and Establish School Board Meeting Standards
LD 1571(HP1016)
An Act to Provide Meaningful Public Participation at Local School Board Meetings
LD 1771(HP1135)
An Act Regarding Speedy Trials
LD 1862(HP1192)
An Act to Restore Balanced Powers During a State of Emergency
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