LD 101(HP69)
An Act to Return to the Former Owner Any Excess Funds Remaining After the Sale of Foreclosed Property
LD 117(SP56)
An Act to Prohibit the Use of Electronic Benefits Transfer System Cards for Cash Withdrawals
LD 222(HP143)
An Act to Require Students to Demonstrate Knowledge of the Constitution of Maine and the United States Constitution
LD 237(HP158)
An Act to Require a Registered Voter to Update the Registration
LD 238(HP159)
An Act to Create a Program for Mortgage Assistance for Persons with Illnesses Related to COVID-19
LD 241(HP162)
An Act to Reform Education
LD 364(SP171)
An Act to Prohibit the Use of General Assistance as a Replacement for Available Resources
LD 435(HP268)
Resolve, to Ensure the Provision of Medically Necessary Behavioral Health Care Services for Children in Their Homes and Communities
LD 494(HP311)
An Act to Conform State Funding to the Federal Hyde Amendment, Limiting Funding for Some Abortion Services
LD 597(HP374)
An Act to Improve Conditions for People Living in Recovery Residences by Requiring Approved Discharge and Transfer Policies
LD 606(HP383)
An Act Regarding Development of a Program to Assist Farmers Affected by Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Contamination
LD 635(HP412)
An Act to Allow a Retired Law Enforcement Officer to Serve as a School Resource Officer Without Affecting That Officer’s Retirement Benefits
LD 757(SP315)
An Act to Expand Telemonitoring for MaineCare Patients
LD 1021(HP657)
An Act to Enhance Awareness of Laboratory Testing of Ticks for Lyme Disease
LD 1059(SP428)
Resolve, to Allow Reimbursement for Remote Ultrasound Procedures and Fetal Nonstress Tests Under MaineCare
LD 1545(HP997)
An Act to Reduce Drug Overdoses and Death by Expanding the Crime of Aggravated Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs by Including Compounds, Mixtures or Substances
LD 1547(HP999)
An Act to Temporarily Prohibit the State from Mandating COVID-19 Vaccinations
LD 1589(HP1034)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education to Adopt Rules Prohibiting Teachers in Public Schools from Engaging in Political, Ideological and Religious Advocacy in the Classroom
LD 1614(HP1039)
An Act to Require an Ultrasound and Certain Counseling Before an Abortion
LD 1684(HP1083)
An Act to Invest in the Health and Wellness of Older Maine Residents by Expanding Coordinated Community Programming
LD 1741(HP1120)
An Act to Promote Educational Opportunity Through the Educational Choice Tax Credit Program, Eliminating Certain Restrictions on Charter Schools and Virtual Public Charter Schools, Allowing More Entities to Authorize Charter Schools and Clarifying Educational Policy on Immunization Requirements
LD 1848(SP749)
Resolve, to Designate the Route 15 Bridge Located in the Town of Kenduskeag the William S. Pullen Bridge
LD 1947(HP1251)
An Act to Amend the Maine Food Sovereignty Act
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