LD 161(HP102)
An Act to Modify the Law Regarding Tinted Glass in Motor Vehicles
LD 351(SP158)
An Act to Increase Access to Birth Control by Making Certain Contraception Available over the Counter
LD 364(SP171)
An Act to Prohibit the Use of General Assistance as a Replacement for Available Resources
LD 541(HP346)
An Act to Create Parity in the Taxation of Medicine
LD 550(HP355)
An Act to Increase Correctional Officer Salary and Benefits
LD 784(SP343)
An Act to Establish Welfare Work Requirements for Able-bodied Adults Without Dependents
LD 884(HP550)
Resolve, to Study the Creation of a State Employee and Legislative Child Care Center
LD 897(HP553)
An Act Regarding the University of Maine System Hiring Practices
LD 1155(HP727)
An Act to Address Legislative Salaries
LD 1157(HP729)
An Act to Stabilize Licensing Fees
LD 1165(HP737)
An Act to Enhance Cost Savings to Consumers of Prescription Drugs
LD 1261(HP809)
An Act to Establish Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Gross Sexual Assaults and Sex Trafficking of Children
LD 1382(SP547)
An Act to Establish the Guiding Public Health Principles of Focused Protection for Pandemics of a Highly Infectious Respiratory Disease
LD 1589(HP1034)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education to Adopt Rules Prohibiting Teachers in Public Schools from Engaging in Political, Ideological and Religious Advocacy in the Classroom
LD 1635(SP652)
An Act to Charter a Maine State Bank That Accepts Deposits and Issues Gold Currency Celebrating Maine’s Heritage
LD 1729(SP693)
An Act to Reduce Child Care Provider Regulation
LD 1741(HP1120)
An Act to Promote Educational Opportunity Through the Educational Choice Tax Credit Program, Eliminating Certain Restrictions on Charter Schools and Virtual Public Charter Schools, Allowing More Entities to Authorize Charter Schools and Clarifying Educational Policy on Immunization Requirements
LD 1936(HP1244)
An Act to Allow Certified Nurse Practitioners to Provide In-home Care Without a Home Health Care Provider License
LD 1952(HP1254)
An Act to Allow On-site Cannabis Consumption
LD 2005(HP1285)
An Act to Eliminate the Aircraft Excise Tax
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