LD 44(SP36)
Resolve, to Rename the Bridge Between Bingham and Concord Township on Route 16 the Jason Dore Memorial Bridge
LD 341(HP215)
LD 421(HP254)
An Act to Ensure Utility Acquisitions Benefit Maine People
LD 434(HP267)
An Act to Protect Landowners and Increase Safety on All-terrain Vehicle Trails by Increasing Funding to the ATV Recreational Management Fund
LD 661(HP430)
Resolve, Naming a Pond in Elm Stream Township as Plummer Pond
LD 687(HP456)
An Act to Increase the Allowable Width of a Snowplow
LD 689(HP458)
An Act to Study the Construction of a Nuclear Power Facility in the State
LD 698(HP467)
An Act Directing the Public Utilities Commission to Study the State Natural Gas Supply Pursuant to the Maine Energy Cost Reduction Act
LD 790(SP349)
An Act to Require Disclosure for Communications Paid for Using Maine Clean Election Act Funding
LD 831(HP520)
An Act Regarding Low Success Rates for Moose Hunting
LD 1026(HP662)
Resolve, To Direct the University of Maine System to Establish a Dental Therapy Degree Program
LD 1027(HP663)
An Act to Prohibit Local Sales Taxes
LD 1093(HP688)
An Act to Create a Seasonal Gas Tax Exemption and Rate
LD 1211(HP772)
An Act to Require the Department of Health and Human Services to Fund Out-of-state Residential Treatment for Substance Use Disorder When In-state Treatment Is Unavailable
LD 1347(HP861)
An Act to Eliminate the Current Net Energy Billing Policy in Maine
LD 1434(HP930)
An Act to Abolish the Maine Income Tax and Establish a Zero-based Budget
LD 1531(HP986)
Resolve, to Implement a 4-year Moratorium on Solar Energy Subsidies and Direct the Department of Environmental Protection to Study the Economic Impact of Industrial Solar Energy Projects
LD 1549(HP1001)
An Act to Direct the Public Utilities Commission to Seek Informational Bids Regarding Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in the State
LD 1624(HP1049)
An Act to Streamline the Process for Amending a Birth Certificate of an Adult When Genetic Parentage is Not Disputed
LD 1924(HP1229)
An Act to Provide for Enforcement of Snowmobile and All-terrain Vehicle Laws
LD 1968(HP1265)
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