LD 59
An Act to Prohibit Inclusion of the COVID-19 Vaccine in the Universal Childhood Immunization Program
LD 135
An Act to Require Manure Bags for Horse-drawn Vehicles
LD 434
An Act to Protect Landowners and Increase Safety on All-terrain Vehicle Trails by Increasing Funding to the ATV Recreational Management Fund
LD 529
An Act to Remove the Annual Filing Requirement in the Property Tax Stabilization Laws
LD 604
An Act to Extend the Night Hunting Season for Coyotes to Immediately Following the Muzzle-loading-only Deer Hunting Season
LD 802
An Act to Increase the Maine Exclusion Amount for Estate Tax Exemptions
LD 888
An Act to Allow Use of Courthouse Facility Dogs by Criminal Justice Agencies for Criminal Justice Purposes
LD 964
An Act to Eliminate the Paint Stewardship Assessment Paid by Consumers
LD 1025
An Act to Improve Maine’s Economy by Changing the Hours of Operation for Oversize Loads
LD 1147
An Act to Exempt Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion from the State Income Tax
LD 1187
An Act to Protect Inpatient Psychiatric Services in Northern Maine by Preserving the Current Reimbursement Rate
LD 1273
An Act to Exempt Some Businesses from Certain Laws Relating to Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Accordance with the Size of the Business
LD 1365
An Act to Require Photograph Identification for Voting
LD 1501
An Act to Protect Maine Citizens from Discrimination by Including Vaccination Status as a Protected Class
LD 1868
Resolve, to Name 2 Brooks in the Town of Orient
LD 1941
Resolve, to Ensure Access to Critical Orthodontic Care by Increasing the MaineCare Reimbursement Rate
LD 1988
An Act to Provide Critical Matching Funds for Child Care Services on the Northern Maine Community College Campus
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