LD 95(HP63)
An Act Concerning the Membership of the State Emergency Response Commission and Fees for Registering Facilities Required to Report to That Commission
LD 96(HP64)
An Act to Ensure Release of Relevant Background Investigation Material to Current Employers of Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers
LD 140(HP86)
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Right to Counsel for Juveniles and Due Process for Juveniles
LD 207(HP128)
An Act to Transfer Responsibility for Administering the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code from the Department of Public Safety, Office of the State Fire Marshal to the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation
LD 229(HP150)
An Act to Compensate Tribal Governments for Basic Training for a Law Enforcement Officer Hired by Another Government Agency
LD 317(SP138)
An Act Regarding Safe Schools
LD 347(HP221)
An Act Regarding In-court Appearance Requirements for Persons Authorized to Serve Eviction Notices and the Process for Serving a Writ of Possession
LD 410(SP191)
An Act Regarding the Nuisance of Cannabis Plants and Smoke in Residential Areas
LD 442(HP275)
An Act Regarding Renewable Energy Projects
LD 550(HP355)
An Act to Increase Correctional Officer Salary and Benefits
LD 553(HP358)
An Act to Require Mortgage Holders to Notify a Homeowner’s Insurance Company on the Sale or Transfer of a Mortgage
LD 575(HP370)
An Act Regarding a Seat Belt Exemption for Persons with a Medical Condition
LD 622(HP399)
An Act to Create Equal Opportunity Access to Clean Energy by Removing the 100-megawatt Limit on Clean Energy Sources
LD 627(HP404)
An Act to Promote Clean and Affordable Maine-sourced Bioenergy by Amending the Law Regarding Outdoor Wood Boilers and Outdoor Pellet Boilers
LD 629(HP406)
An Act to Improve, Protect and Defend the Individual Civil Right to Bear Arms Through Exemption of Firearms and Ammunition from Taxation
LD 682(HP451)
An Act Regarding Labeling of Packaged Foods for Genetically Modified Organisms
LD 697(HP466)
Resolve, to Study the Effects of 5G Technology on Bird, Bee and Insect Populations and the Effects of Long-term Exposure on Children
LD 720(SP278)
An Act to Implement Certain Recommendations of the Commission to Examine Reestablishing Parole
LD 817(HP506)
An Act to Allow the Crew Member of a Holder of an Elver Fishing License to Empty an Elver Fyke Net
LD 822(HP511)
An Act to Allow All Corporations to Self-insure Motor Vehicles
LD 844(HP533)
An Act to Protect the Practice of Certain Cardiovascular Professionals
LD 845(HP534)
An Act to Require Labeling and Signs to Warn Consumers About the Harmful Effects of Cannabis on Animals
LD 899(HP555)
An Act to Authorize Vaccine Administration by Pharmacy Technicians and Reduce Vaccine Administration Training Requirements for Pharmacists
LD 948(HP595)
An Act to Create a Liaison Position Between the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services on Early Childhood Education Matters
LD 1022(HP658)
An Act to Allow School Budget Referenda on the Same Day as Primary Elections
LD 1025(HP661)
An Act to Improve Maine’s Economy by Changing the Hours of Operation for Oversize Loads
LD 1087(HP682)
An Act to Remove Restrictions in the Provisions of Law Relating to No-knock Warrants
LD 1215(SP496)
An Act to End the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products
LD 1545(HP997)
An Act to Reduce Drug Overdoses and Death by Expanding the Crime of Aggravated Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs by Including Compounds, Mixtures or Substances
LD 1567(HP1012)
An Act to Create a Training Program for School Board Members and Establish School Board Meeting Standards
LD 1571(HP1016)
An Act to Provide Meaningful Public Participation at Local School Board Meetings
LD 1577(HP1022)
An Act to Require Health Insurance Coverage for Biomarker Testing
LD 1722(SP685)
Resolve, to Establish the Blue Ribbon Commission to Design a Plan for Sustained Investment in Preventing Disease and Improving the Health of Maine Communities
LD 1740(HP1119)
An Act to Support an Insured Patient’s Access to Affordable Health Care with Timely Access to Health Care Prices
LD 1751(SP696)
An Act to Maximize Federal Funding in Support of Emergency Medical Services
LD 1832(HP1164)
An Act to Require Reimbursement of Fees for Treatment Rendered by Public and Private Ambulance Services
LD 1844(HP1176)
An Act to Support Emergency Housing Facility Construction, Renovation and Acquisition Statewide by Creating a Matching Grant Program
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