28.LD 59(HP34)
An Act to Prohibit Inclusion of the COVID-19 Vaccine in the Universal Childhood Immunization Program
29.LD 104(HP72)
An Act to Make It a Crime Not to Report a Death
30.LD 135(SP74)
An Act to Require Manure Bags for Horse-drawn Vehicles
31.LD 204(SP104)
An Act to Ensure Safe Access to Schools by Implementing Interlocking Door Controller Technology
32.LD 215(HP136)
Resolve, to Require the Commissioner of Public Safety to Conduct a Study Regarding Cadet Law Enforcement Officers Who Are Injured and Law Enforcement Officers Who Leave the Sponsoring Agency
33.LD 220(HP141)
An Act to Support Maine’s Potato Farmers and Processors
34.LD 421(HP254)
An Act to Ensure Utility Acquisitions Benefit Maine People
35.LD 486(HP303)
An Act to Encourage Economic Development Through the Manufacture and Use of Marine Nuclear Power Modules
36.LD 492(HP309)
An Act to Repurpose Vacant Shopping Mall and Retail Space to Mixed-use Housing and Retail
37.LD 494(HP311)
An Act to Conform State Funding to the Federal Hyde Amendment, Limiting Funding for Some Abortion Services
38.LD 607(HP384)
Resolve, to Direct the Department of Transportation to Examine the Feasibility of Extending Interstate 95 to the St. John Valley
39.LD 620(HP397)
An Act to Promote Free Trade by Preventing Municipalities from Prohibiting the Sale of Legal Goods
40.LD 621(HP398)
An Act to Ensure That Businesses Do Not Refuse Payment in Person with Cash
41.LD 622(HP399)
An Act to Create Equal Opportunity Access to Clean Energy by Removing the 100-megawatt Limit on Clean Energy Sources
42.LD 623(HP400)
An Act to Modify Maine Motor Vehicle Inspection Standards to Permit Nonstructural Corrosion That Does Not Directly Affect the Passenger Compartment
43.LD 624(HP401)
An Act to Prohibit Government Officials from Maintaining Records Related to Firearms Owners
44.LD 626(HP403)
An Act to Preserve Maine’s Sporting Heritage and Enhance Sporting Opportunities for Maine’s Youth by Allowing Maine’s Youth to Hunt on Sunday
45.LD 627(HP404)
An Act to Promote Clean and Affordable Maine-sourced Bioenergy by Amending the Law Regarding Outdoor Wood Boilers and Outdoor Pellet Boilers
46.LD 628(HP405)
An Act to Designate Maine Irish Heritage Day
47.LD 629(HP406)
An Act to Improve, Protect and Defend the Individual Civil Right to Bear Arms Through Exemption of Firearms and Ammunition from Taxation
48.LD 634(HP411)
An Act to Allow Open Burning in the Snow Without a Permit
49.LD 689(HP458)
An Act to Study the Construction of a Nuclear Power Facility in the State
50.LD 698(HP467)
An Act Directing the Public Utilities Commission to Study the State Natural Gas Supply Pursuant to the Maine Energy Cost Reduction Act
51.LD 749(SP307)
An Act to Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue to Provide a New Dormitory Facility at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics
52.LD 811(HP500)
An Act to Create a Restricted Senior Lobster and Crab Fishing License
53.LD 924(SP395)
Resolve, to Provide Legislative Approval of Northern Maine Transmission Infrastructure
54.LD 1007(HP643)
An Act to Ban the Video Hosting Service TikTok on All State-owned Devices
55.LD 1020(HP656)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education to Update Course Requirements for Certification of Industrial Arts Teachers and to Finally Adopt Major Substantive Rules
56.LD 1140(SP467)
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation to Allow All-terrain Vehicle Traffic on a Section of Trail in the City of Caribou
57.LD 1187(SP483)
An Act to Protect Inpatient Psychiatric Services in Northern Maine by Preserving the Current Reimbursement Rate
58.LD 1211(HP772)
An Act to Require the Department of Health and Human Services to Fund Out-of-state Residential Treatment for Substance Use Disorder When In-state Treatment Is Unavailable
59.LD 1242(HP790)
An Act to Eliminate Certain Motor Vehicle Inspections
60.LD 1273(SP510)
An Act to Exempt Some Businesses from Certain Laws Relating to Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Accordance with the Size of the Business
61.LD 1408(HP904)
An Act to Reduce Maine’s Dependence on Fossil Fuels and Carbon Footprint for Energy Production Using Waste Wood Fuel
62.LD 1457(SP575)
An Act to Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for a Jail in Caribou
63.LD 1458(SP576)
An Act to Increase Funding for the Maine School of Science and Mathematics
64.LD 1485(SP606)
An Act to Provide Funding for Hospital Security in Aroostook County
65.LD 1489(HP944)
Resolve, to Capitalize on Opportunities from Newly Revised Federal Renewable Fuels Standards by Studying the Environmental and Economic Benefits of Electric and Steam Generation Facilities Powered by Biomass
66.LD 1549(HP1001)
An Act to Direct the Public Utilities Commission to Seek Informational Bids Regarding Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in the State
67.LD 1557(HP1002)
An Act to Increase and Enhance School Safety by Allowing Individuals with Concealed Carry Permits to Possess Handguns on School Property
68.LD 1586(HP1031)
An Act to Enable Occupational License Portability and Prohibit Use of Good Character Qualifications in Occupational Licensing
69.LD 1596(SP627)
An Act to Facilitate the Creation of an Aroostook County Drug Treatment Court
70.LD 1597(SP628)
Resolve, to Establish the Gagetown Harmful Chemical Study Commission
71.LD 1598(SP629)
An Act to Allow an Exception to Immunization Requirements for Health Care Workers for Vaccines Approved Under Emergency Use Authorization
72.LD 1600(SP631)
An Act to Improve Property Tax Relief for Certain Disabled Veterans
73.LD 1648(HP1060)
An Act to Make Changes to the Farm and Open Space Tax Law
74.LD 1679(HP1078)
An Act Regarding the Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission
75.LD 1694(SP681)
An Act to Improve the Rest Stop Facilities Located on Interstate 95 in Medway
76.LD 1778(HP1141)
An Act to Ensure a Sustainable Electric Grid
77.LD 1792(SP717)
Resolve, to Establish the Rural Health Services Task Force
78.LD 1827(SP743)
An Act to Prevent Closures and Ensure Sustainability of Nursing Facilities, Private Nonmedical Institutions and Residential Care Facilities by Removing So-called Budget Neutrality
79.LD 1889(SP764)
An Act to Provide Authorization to Aroostook County to Use the Statewide Radio and Network System
80.LD 1941(SP790)
Resolve, to Ensure Access to Critical Orthodontic Care by Increasing the MaineCare Reimbursement Rate
81.LD 1943(SP792)
An Act Regarding Future Energy Procurements for Renewable Energy Development in Northern Maine
82.LD 1988(SP817)
An Act to Provide Critical Matching Funds for Child Care Services on the Northern Maine Community College Campus
83.LD 1995(SP820)
An Act to Bolster Maine’s Workforce and Economy by Increasing Assistance for Parents Pursuing Education and Employment and by Indexing Unemployment Benefits to the Unemployment Rate
84.LD 2007(HP1287)
An Act to Advance Self-determination for Wabanaki Nations
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