LD 286(HP184)
An Act to Authorize the Use of Tax Increment Financing Funds for Constructing or Renovating Municipal Offices and Other Municipal Buildings
LD 294(HP192)
An Act to Include a Tribal Member in the Baxter State Park Authority
LD 387(HP238)
An Act to Promote Affordable Housing by Providing a Tax Exemption for Housing Choice Vouchers
LD 388(HP239)
An Act to Require the State and Municipalities to Reimburse Landlords for Unpaid Rent During Eviction Moratoriums
LD 544(HP349)
An Act to Increase the Chance of Receiving a Moose Permit for Maine Service Members and Veterans
LD 546(HP351)
An Act Regarding Child Abuse and Endangerment
LD 608(HP385)
Resolve, to Improve Outcomes for Participants in the Antlerless Deer Permit Lottery
LD 622(HP399)
An Act to Create Equal Opportunity Access to Clean Energy by Removing the 100-megawatt Limit on Clean Energy Sources
LD 623(HP400)
An Act to Modify Maine Motor Vehicle Inspection Standards to Permit Nonstructural Corrosion That Does Not Directly Affect the Passenger Compartment
LD 624(HP401)
An Act to Prohibit Government Officials from Maintaining Records Related to Firearms Owners
LD 627(HP404)
An Act to Promote Clean and Affordable Maine-sourced Bioenergy by Amending the Law Regarding Outdoor Wood Boilers and Outdoor Pellet Boilers
LD 629(HP406)
An Act to Improve, Protect and Defend the Individual Civil Right to Bear Arms Through Exemption of Firearms and Ammunition from Taxation
LD 960(HP607)
An Act Regarding the Limits on Civil Remedies Available Under the Maine Human Rights Act
LD 1007(HP643)
An Act to Ban the Video Hosting Service TikTok on All State-owned Devices
LD 1015(HP651)
Resolve, Establishing the Commission to Study the Foreclosure Process
LD 1017(HP653)
Resolve, to Increase Commercial Driver’s License Examiner Capacity
LD 1032(HP668)
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Specify the Qualifications of Electors
LD 1107(HP703)
Resolve, to Establish a Pilot Project to Improve Access to Credit for Low-income Individuals
LD 1196(HP756)
An Act to Require Public Schools to Allow Parents and Guardians to Opt Out Their Children with Respect to Portions of the Curriculum
LD 1277(SP514)
An Act to Amend the Laws Regarding Property Investment by Credit Unions
LD 1293(HP818)
An Act to End Chronic Homelessness by Creating the Housing First Fund
LD 1335(HP849)
An Act to Amend the Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens Law
LD 1450(SP568)
An Act to Fund the Recommendations of the Mountain Division Rail Use Advisory Council
LD 1512(HP967)
An Act to Require Restitution for a Child Whose Parent Is Killed by a Drunk Driver
LD 1538(SP611)
An Act to Provide Tax Benefits to Persons Constructing Accessory Dwelling Units
LD 1671(HP1069)
An Act to Reduce the Income Tax to 4.5 Percent on the Lowest Tax Bracket and Remove Low-income Families from Taxation
LD 1673(HP1071)
An Act to Encourage Affordable Housing and Mixed-use Development by Establishing a Thriving Corridors Program
LD 1723(SP687)
An Act to Prevent the Automatic Transfer of Permits and Contracts in a Sale of Assets of a Water Export Company Without Review and to Amend the Membership of the Water Resources Planning Committee and the Maine Public Drinking Water Commission
LD 1817(SP732)
An Act to Support Outdoor Education by Establishing the Outdoor School for All Maine Students Program
LD 1882(HP1207)
An Act to Increase the Deduction from Income for Pension Benefits
LD 1901(HP1216)
An Act to Improve Affordability and Opportunity for Maine Renters and Landlords
LD 1912(HP1228)
An Act to Establish Consumer Protections Regarding Small Dollar Loans
LD 1952(HP1254)
An Act to Allow On-site Cannabis Consumption
LD 1967(HP1264)
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