LD 182(SP86)
An Act to Create a 9-month Time Limit on General Assistance Benefits for Able-bodied Adults Without Dependents
LD 183(SP87)
An Act to Incorporate Time Limits on the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program into Municipal General Assistance Programs
LD 304(HP202)
An Act to Establish Statewide Standards for Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances
LD 305(HP203)
An Act to Provide Youth Lifetime Hunting Licenses to Eligible Dependents of Veterans Who Are 100 Percent Disabled
LD 364(SP171)
An Act to Prohibit the Use of General Assistance as a Replacement for Available Resources
LD 484(HP301)
An Act to Prevent a Conflict of Interest in State Elections by Requiring the Secretary of State to Resign Before Running for Elected Office
LD 514(HP319)
Resolve, Directing the Office of the State Auditor to Report on Taxpayer Money Funding Maine Nonprofits
LD 517(HP322)
An Act to Allow Maine Families to Deduct Vehicle Excise Taxes on State Income Tax Returns
LD 544(HP349)
An Act to Increase the Chance of Receiving a Moose Permit for Maine Service Members and Veterans
LD 555(HP360)
An Act to Increase the Number of Mature Plants Allowed for the Home Cultivation of Cannabis
LD 561(SP232)
An Act to Require a Military Service Member’s Agent with Power of Attorney to Be Legally Responsible for Paying Bills During the Member’s Deployment
LD 678(HP447)
An Act to Require Parental Approval for Public School Employees to Use a Name or Pronoun Other than a Child’s Given Name or Pronoun Corresponding to the Gender on the Child’s Birth Certificate
LD 743(SP301)
An Act to Provide Free or Reduced-cost Vehicle Registration to All Disabled Veterans
LD 768(SP327)
An Act to Authorize State Political Parties to Opt Out of Ranked-choice Voting for Primary Elections
LD 818(HP507)
An Act to Establish an Emergency Fuel Reserve
LD 833(HP522)
An Act to Prohibit Persons Who Donate to a Governor’s Transition Committee and Inaugural Committee from Registering as Lobbyists
LD 835(HP524)
An Act to Phase Out the Income Tax
LD 1054(SP423)
An Act to Prohibit the Maine National Guard from Combat Deployment Absent an Act of the United States Congress
LD 1069(SP438)
An Act Requiring a Referendum to Restore the Former Maine Flag
LD 1102(HP697)
An Act to Authorize a Recall Election for a School Board Member
LD 1147(SP474)
An Act to Exempt Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion from the State Income Tax
LD 1148(SP475)
An Act to Prohibit COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Students Enrolled in Public Institutions of Learning
LD 1228(HP776)
An Act to Prohibit Certain Higher Education Institutions from Requiring Vaccines Approved Under Emergency Use Authorization for Admission or Attendance
LD 1249(HP797)
An Act to Protect the Quality of Care Provided via Telehealth by Prohibiting Physicians from Prescribing Abortion-inducing Drugs or Devices Through Telehealth or Other Electronic Communication
LD 1270(SP507)
An Act to Protect Maine People from Inflation by Restoring Gold and Silver as Legal Tender
LD 1320(SP539)
An Act to Improve Signature Requirements for Candidates by Allowing Unenrolled Voters to Sign Petitions for Party Candidates
LD 1329(HP842)
An Act to Allow Delivery of Maine Craft Beer
LD 1332(HP846)
An Act to Strengthen Work Equity Regarding Employment of Minors and Unemployment Benefits
LD 1333(HP847)
An Act to Protect Children by Modernizing Internet and Digital Media Filtering Requirements for Education
LD 1341(HP855)
An Act to Modernize the Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ Mobile Services
LD 1365(HP879)
An Act to Require Photograph Identification for Voting
LD 1410(HP906)
An Act to Hold School Employees Civilly Liable for Failure to Notify Parents Regarding Medical Issues of Students Under 18 Years of Age
LD 1466(SP585)
An Act to Fund Adult Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder Services by Eliminating Certain Tax Funding from the Maine Clean Election Fund
LD 1554(SP618)
An Act to Repeal Certificate of Need Requirements for Health Care Providers
LD 1557(HP1002)
An Act to Increase and Enhance School Safety by Allowing Individuals with Concealed Carry Permits to Possess Handguns on School Property
LD 1560(HP1005)
An Act to Remove the Duty of an Individual Exercising Self-defense to Safely Retreat or Abstain from Performing Certain Acts upon Demand
LD 1561(HP1006)
An Act to Restore Firearm Rights and Hunting Privileges to Persons Previously Convicted of Certain Nonviolent Felony Crimes
LD 1562(HP1007)
An Act to Protect the Retirement of State Employees and Teachers by Establishing Standards for Fiduciary Responsibility
LD 1583(HP1028)
An Act to Provide a Pathway to Sobriety for Formerly or Currently Incarcerated Individuals
LD 1628(SP645)
An Act to Reform the Occupational Licensing Regime by Including Portability and Removing Good Character Requirements
LD 1737(HP1116)
An Act to Provide up to $5,000 in Property Tax Relief to Veterans
LD 1817(SP732)
An Act to Support Outdoor Education by Establishing the Outdoor School for All Maine Students Program
LD 1928(SP786)
An Act to Protect Maine Taxpayers from Unconstitutional Federal Expenditures
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